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Liverpool v Chelsea

Discussion in 'Sports' started by farakh, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. asifliv New Member


    Source from yahoo
  2. Dan New Member

    this is a good game so far thank god my team won earlier :)
    liverpool 1 - 2 chelsea so far it's half time at the minute.
    Drogba is a dirty stupid crap player that's a fact it should not of been a penalty he made it look bad the stupid idiot.
    and steven gerrard FANTASTIC!!!
  3. Terry Active Member

    3-1 now
  4. Dan New Member

    should of been only 2-1 to chelsea.
    the 1st goal NOT A PENALTY
    the 3rd goal OFFSIDE
    Cheats...Plus liverpool should of had 2 penalty's AGAIN! i wonder how much they pay the ref before the game they must give him quite abit...
  5. Jonesy New Member

    Liverpool scraping for there lifes now, near the bottom ;)
  6. Terry Active Member

    The seasons only just started....chill out.
  7. Jonesy New Member

    Yeah i know......

    It wont last, wigan wont stay up there.... or will they.....
  8. cybersonic New Member

    damn man we lost. chelsea are buyin their glory. their supporters r glory fans not real ones
  9. asifliv New Member

    Man we lost our record, scammy chelscum :mad: I tell u crouch should have been given a penalty after being punched in the face by keeper cech, it was like this last season when cole scored a goal against liverpool when we should have had a friggin free kick.

    "However, this result leaves the Anfield outfit 17 points behind their opponents and it was the first time they had conceded four goals at home in the Premiership."

    Its over for us i know it. well we still got the mikey mouse cup and FA cup not forgetting a european cup lol would be good to win it twice in a row

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