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Liverpool Vs. Chelsea

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. kingy1uk Member

    Joe cole will join the rest of his buddies at Tottenham
  2. Dan New Member

    so joe cole is joining tottenham or is he on loan from tottenham to chelsea. i wudnt know i dont like him hes crap
  3. kingy1uk Member

    No, joe cole is a chelsea player, but in the transfer window which is currently in progress there is strong speculation he will join tottenham, probably influenced by the fact his old teammates are there (carrick , defoe, kanoute... and i think there is another one not sure) maybe he will stay at chelsea who knows

    Joe cole is crap i agree, well he isn't National team quality, lets leave it at that :p
  4. Dan New Member

    i dont think mouriniho wouldnt sell joe cole would he after the quality he is playing at the minute he comes on and scores lucky ass goals

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