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Liverpool Vs Manure

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Oasis1892, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. The big game tomorrow! Hope it's a good 3-0. Nice trademark Gerrard 30 yarder, Baros, and Morientes debut goal!

  2. Dan New Member

    whoa is morientes starting tommorow? that early good.
    Gerrard and Morientes and Baros you cant beat that no way! Good luck to man united they gonna need it
  3. Epsos live each day as it comes

    nah way manu will win with roony upfront come on u gta admit that guy has determination
  4. adzlotus V i P Member

    i think liverpool will win 2-0, man u are going down the #### pan!!
  5. Terry Active Member

    What was that? :rolleyes: 1-0, Wayne Rooney, 10 men ;)
  6. Dan New Member

    to be honest man utd did deserve to win i thought morientes would make a good debut guess not he was kinda crap same with steven gerrard. rooneys goal was a good goal, that keeper should have had it altough he didnt so man utd won. it looked like the keeper let it in lol maybe fergie paid him like he did the referee at tottenham game when that goal WENT IN!
  7. Terry Active Member

    Says it all really :rolleyes:
  8. Terry Active Member

    Yeah it was 1-0 to Manu. Wayne Rooney scored and we had 10 men near the end of the match
  9. Epsos live each day as it comes

    com on manu woooooo hahahahh liverpool lost n u sed they wd win u lot have no faith at all my prediction was tru rooney would do it for u *celebrates*
  10. Crap ref for both teams.
    Keane played well.. United's defence was pretty solid.

    Morientes looked good, got a head to most crossed in balls. Would of loved it if he scored that chest shot. Simply, we weren't good enough.

    Rooney needs his f*ckin teeth kicked in. Arrogant biddy shaggin c*nt.
  11. And epsos... Do you have the Microsoft Retard 1.01 keyboard??
  12. Dan New Member

    morintes did look good out there, he should of scored that one that hit the chest too bad hope he plays better next game...

    lol at microsoft retard 1.01.

    and did u see wayne rooney he got a mobile phone threw at him, pitty it missed
  13. Epsos live each day as it comes

    yes i do have the microsoft retard keyboar 1.01 dnt u think it is cool lmao

    nah i spose watchin highlights liuverpool and manu both played well dnt u think yeah i admit rooneys good but he does need 2 calm dwn a little bit dnt u think
  14. Terry Active Member

    Keanes shot was amazing! The crossbar nearly fell off lol

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