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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by M.ALI, Jan 25, 2005.

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  1. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    It seems that once again I am right, I said that crazy was a fool and I said that his mate was a fool, and look... they have just proved it to everyone with their idiotic postings.

    Crazy I have no problem fighting you but if we do fight I want it recorded on video so I can upload it here and show everyone ok? Lets arrange a place to meet and a date.

    Oh and thanks danfx for seeing my point about them being idiots.
  2. Dan New Member

    it's true though they both are a pair of idiots. with the postings what can crazy do? is he a HACKER!!!!!
  3. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    I must admit I am a bit harsh in my postings to some members, but on this occassion I would say that my point is well justified.

    These two are complete idiots!
  4. Dan New Member

    damn true
  5. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Infact I think crazy and M.ALI could be the same member. I think one of the mods should do an i.p match up and see. ;)
  6. Dan New Member

    hey yeah they could be never know.
    1. there both idiots
    2. they both cant spell
    3. they both sound dumb as crap!
  7. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Ok jonesy while your doing nothing can you compare their i.p addresses and the ranges they use? It is your job as moderator.
  8. M.ALI New Member


    we are not the same member. and trust me i am real hitman! just started the job! and as for amo: we will meet up in brixton, make sure you bring your crew cause you should know my home boys will be there to kick ure ass big time and i mean big time 1 last thing mother ****er, COME WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  9. M.ALI New Member

    and as for the rest of you mother****ers,

  10. Dan New Member

    homeboys LMAO! your sooo funny
    a hitman omg u r cracking me up, your just a 11 year old kid, that can't spell now go away. you and u r other username "crazy"
  11. Dan New Member

    see jonesy he should be banned look at how he's talking
  12. M.ALI New Member

    First Of All I Am 19 Years Of Age And Go **** Ure Self
  13. M.ALI New Member

    Only Joking
  14. M.ALI New Member

    Just Messin About
  15. crazydealer New Member

    i can prove that i am NOT M.ALI!:mad: as 4 u he aint 11 year old boy! he 19! AMO u better b there! we await u!

    Its true M.ALI and me are sitting on two computers in the same room! so we aint the same user name! call me if u don't believe me! 07843151528!

    and M.ALI number: 07910545011

    you will talk to us! I wana beat the HELL out of AMO! MOTHER FCUKER!
  16. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Ok 5 small points here...

    1) If you are a hitman then what are you doing at school?

    2) Why do you assume I have a crew? crews are for retards like yourself.

    3) What the hell are 'home boys?' sounds like your running a gay recruitment brigade to me.

    4) 'COME WE GO' is innapropriate use of the English language, go home after school and do some english revision, a dictionary and some literature might be useful.

    5) I'm glad I got a reaction out of you because you have exhibited your true self which just shows what a pathetic being you are and everyone at smsmasters can see I was right about you from the minute you posted.
  17. M.ALI New Member


    We Are Looking For This Person (AMO) Wo Has Been Cought Watching Old Naked Men And We Dont Tolerate This Kind Of Behaviour.

    Reward: £9,000,000,000

    Contact M.ali: 07910545011
  18. M.ALI New Member

  19. crazydealer New Member

    go on jonesy check it! its two PC's in a room! i know u know we aint 1 user with 2 user names! check all crazy's posts and M.ALI's post's IP address and u will find that crazy (me) uses this forum in two places and M.ALI uses it only in one place (here, in this CLC)

  20. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    Now do all the normal members of smsmasters have faith in my ability to sniff out the twats amongst us?

    I mean how pathetic are these two really? If any moderators are up to anything these two should be banned right now! But there are no moderators who do such things anymore.
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