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Man Utd Compilation [Vid]

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Terry, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Terry Active Member

  2. Terry Active Member

  3. Ianw06 WANTS TO BE A MOD ???

    I must admit that last strike in the wayne rooney clip was pretty class but he is a little p rick nethertheless!!!!

  4. Terry Active Member

    There is no need for that! This thread is about the videos not whos the better team or what not. So either stay on topic or keep out the thread.
  5. karl A Canadian Englishman

    class vids m8 Cantona!!!! Schimicheal (sp)!!! shame they dint have the giggs goal against arsenal were he took on 5 ov there players form the half way line to score any one remember that?
  6. Terry Active Member

    If you seach on that site you will find it cus i watched that eariler! Theres loads of good footy vids on there includin Ronaldo vs Ronaldinho ones.

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