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Man Utd v Middlesborough

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    This game is live on BBC1 at 17:20 Kick off...Watch this game there... Post comments through in and out of the match Here
  2. Terry Active Member

    Shame my tv is still ****ing broke :( My sisters are watchin Nickelodeon downstairs lol. Is there any links by any chance?
  3. Dan New Member

    nope...they dont usually have FA Cup game's on streamed there's none as i can see. Sorry...
  4. Terry Active Member

    Damn, looks like i'll have to keep checkin the BBC Football Live Score thing
  5. Terry Active Member

    YES!!! 1 - 0 and im not even watchin it. O' Shea scored
  6. Dan New Member

    good goal from o'shea, good team work from ronaldo too...
  7. Terry Active Member

    3-0!! Wayne Rooney scored to good goals and John O'Shea ;)
  8. katzinthehouse New Member

    yesss they deserved to win!
  9. adzlotus V i P Member

    what a match, i watched it on a 56 inch wide screen at the local, it was amazing!
  10. Dan New Member

    yeah man utd deserved to win...rooney scored 2 perfect goals.

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