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Man Utd Vs. Chelski

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    What a game man utd end there run like they did last year to arsenal but we still hold the 49 unbeaten RECORD COME ON ARSENAL!
  2. Terry Active Member

    ****ing brilliant match! Of all the people Darren Fletcher scored. Good goal too. ;)
  3. Dan New Member

    Yea it was good how he put that in the net i loved it its the first ever time i have cheerd man utd on to win! and they did.
  4. Jonesy New Member

    I think Rasiak would have been proud of that header, considering how many goals he scored with his head.

    Good game to watch, glad chelsea lost :)
  5. asifliv New Member

    Garcia header still beats fletcher anyone watch the goal when garcia scored against Anderlecht ?
  6. Terry Active Member

    Who cares if it was a better header.....we did what most other teams failed to do.....BEAT CHELSEA :D
  7. asifliv New Member

    No big deal if united beat chelsea cause if anyone saw the betis game they were like a division side, you guys need to worry about champions league.
    A wins a win though.

    gotta admit was a good header of course but was kinda fluky lol who would see a ball curl from a header, aye you never know though i guess same can be said for the garcia header.
  8. gasoil New Member

    just lucky for MU.
    but good for both teams.
  9. Terry Active Member

    Lucky? lol No i'll think you'll find we out classed you on the day and we won :p
  10. gasoil New Member

    it's ok, as long as chelsea not lost at stamford bridge.
  11. Jonesy New Member

    So how long you been a chelsea fan then "gasoil" 7 or 8 months i guess....the time that billionaire came about....what a surprise....
  12. the.bow @hotmail.com

    haha theres alot of that nowadays
  13. Dan New Member

    when was the last time someone won at highbury god it was sooooo long ago and it's a record and still going we've got a long run going there, last time someone won at stamford bridge that was a while ago too...
  14. Terry Active Member

    Just wait till its time to play us again ;)
  15. Jonesy New Member

    Hmmm....what a surprise he didnt even answer my question....
  16. gasoil New Member

    lol jonesy, honestly i like chelsea really when mourinho came.
    but i know that team since along ago before that billionaire came.
    and i predicted that billionaire will make big change to the team.
    and now it is true.
    chelsea become superior lol
  17. Dan New Member

    superior? they cudnt even beat Charlton in the league cup, they can't set a record to save their lives... And plus they lost to man utd & real betis you call that superior hahahahahahahahahaha! if you want superior get to highbury man that is superior 100% champions league this year, 25% for chelsea eh...It's all good tho we'll have the champions league this time :)
  18. chocice New Member

    yeh i think so to danfx this is our year!!
  19. Dan New Member

    I hope so!!! we'll let chelsea have the premiership or maybe we could go do that too but i think wigan are strong contenders to chelsea, so we play wigan in our next game and i am atchually hoping wigan beat us so they can keep up with chelsea but i hope we win too so we can stay behind chelsea and fight ALL THE WAY!
  20. Terry Active Member

    I thought we had Wigan next?

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