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My asl

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Admin, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. cathyquigley New Member

    yep he looks familar...
  2. vegeta Active Member

    raaaaas am the 2nd oldest in here!
  3. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    yea dats her wit da blonde hair! an she drives a white corsa...
  4. leeboing New Member

    15 m birmingham
  5. netstormuk New Member

    14/m/uk nearly 15 in april
  6. -Rich- New Member

    16 / m / uk soo b able to dirve now that b fun :)
  7. fearx New Member

    im the youngest here (i think)
    12/m/london (UK)
    im 13 in june
  8. *sexy* New Member

    yeh...i fink u r da youngest...lol...:lol:
  9. Gary New Member

    There she goes again with her :arse: everyone beware LoL
  10. cathyquigley New Member

    leave me alone :sniff::p:arse:

    where abouts in scotland u from gary? i forget what u told me :grin:
  11. ShaneMcGaye New Member

    Hi all! I love this site!! Hi, i am shane McGaye from The rep of ireland. I am male, and 18. :D :ssj:
  12. snowman3310 New Member

    your name is so gay man. Is that actually a real name
  13. *sexy* New Member

    @snowman...wer u not jus tellin him in da thred 'im shane' r sumfin like dat, dat u really wanted him 2 post his picture r sumfin...? y u gettin at him bout his name now...? :puzzled:
  14. SchrodingersCat New Member

    This is the second newbie that you were givin grief to snowman.Easy targets,eh? :mad:
  15. snowman3310 New Member

    yeah mr. cat. Whatever u say. I was just askin his name. Cant u just stick to talkin bout fones cause ure just annoyin otherwise
  16. ShaneMcGaye New Member

    why do you have to be such a big bully snowman? you remind me of some people in my class:(

    [Edited on 19-3-2003 by ShaneMcGaye]
  17. snowman3310 New Member

    man i asked if dats ure real name. Stop gettin ure knickers in a tangle
  18. oddball New Member

    i think im the youngest -- im 11 hehehe
  19. SLIMSHADY33102 New Member

    im 15 male and born in a barn as mum mum keeps tellin me!
  20. SchrodingersCat New Member

    lucky for you.I was born under a cabbage plant.

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