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New Man Utd Away Shirt 05/07

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Terry, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Terry Active Member


    What do you think of it? Personally i think its ok but its not there best away shirt. I thought the black one from last season was cool.
  2. a_i786 New Member

    nice, might get it. is the new home shirt out this year as well or not??
  3. bdazzle New Member

    thats not bad

    a two season shirt for the price of 1 ;)
  4. Terry Active Member

    Nope not till end of next season.
  5. Dan New Member

    Good enough to take to the toilet and wipe my ASS on it
  6. G-UNIT New Member

    ^^lool man u shman u ill mayb use it as a toilet seat cleaner lool
  7. Epsos live each day as it comes

    its okay lol i may get this lol i get discount at jjb now em mate works ther heh

    least its better than the derby one i liked there old seasons one better
  8. Terry Active Member

    Just like i wipe my arse on the Arsenal shirt. Arsenals reddy brown coloured shirt already looks like someones saved me the job of wiping my arse on it ;)
  9. Don't like it.. Looks like England cricket team or summin lol

    Blue and red don't mix

    Quite liked Man Us white kit, with thin lines accross it. And the black one.
  10. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    Good ol red white and blue! Looks VERY american to me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA there ****e

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