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New SMSC O2 UK (04/06)

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by Mobile Masti, Jun 4, 2003.

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  1. Makaveli New Member

    Well if I had that many id sell them and make money off them keep a few for myself:)
  2. Terry Active Member

    thats what im gonna do! £15 each lol. already 10 ppl wantin em
  3. Jonesy New Member

    thats what i do : )
  4. Terry Active Member

    An easy £150 for moi lol
  5. Jonesy New Member

    lol true
    anyways bck to the topic, still instant!
  6. Terry Active Member

    Yeah instant. (Hope there 07743 prefix sims) :bouncing:
  7. Jonesy New Member

    yeh me 2!
  8. Terry Active Member

    If not i'll nick my gf's 07743 sim lol
  9. Jonesy New Member

    thats cruel lol
  10. Terry Active Member

    Lol serves her right for nickin my xbox :no:
  11. Jonesy New Member

    ok fair dos
  12. Terry Active Member

    I cant believe how fast this still is
  13. Jonesy New Member

    me ethier, i can remember a samilar smsc to this the 1 at christmas lasted about a month lol
  14. -ShOcKeR- I Love Sonu!

    yh da +491 centa
  15. Terry Active Member

    How cum ur nick name says jonsey and ur avatar says jonesy?? lol
  16. Jonesy New Member

    yeh thats rite
  17. Jonesy New Member

    i told ppl this b4, i tried registering with jonesy, but it was already taken, so i wrote jonsey instead
  18. Terry Active Member

    answer my question lol
  19. Jonesy New Member

    i have thanx
  20. Terry Active Member

    yeah right lol
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