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New smsc - Orange And o2

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by r4ge, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. r4ge Active Member

    Works Orange And o2 - Takes A while To Deliver :)

    Sorry bout that - I posted up the wrong smsc first but thats the right one now!

    [Edited on 4-10-2002 by Chris]
  2. darklore3003 New Member

    dont work 4 me, im on orange
  3. r4ge Active Member

    I think its stopped for orange now :( Takin 15-20 mins on o2!
  4. kewell New Member

    well o2 people wont care they have about 10 smscs working at once anyway! im on orange + i havent got any :(
  5. r4ge Active Member

    o2 hardly have any - the +133 and thats about it...
  6. dannyburke New Member

    wot about +447802000341????
    although it only works on 07753 numbers tho
  7. kewell New Member

    they usually have loads, whereas orange hardly ever have one. vodafone is even worse!
  8. dannyburke New Member

    true words. but tmobile it the worst of the lot
  9. kewell New Member

    u cant get any at all on t-mobile can u? id hate that!
  10. r4ge Active Member

    Sorry bout that - I posted up the wrong smsc first but thats the right one now!

    Orange and o2 - sorry bout that!
  11. kewell New Member

    is it still slow?
  12. r4ge Active Member

    Yup - up to 30 mins :sniff:
  13. leeboing New Member

    slow but better than anything
  14. kewell New Member

    yeah, you just have to wait an hour for a reply :-|
  15. Hacknation2002 New Member

    works fine wiv mine! ( o2 )
  16. swansea.hitman New Member

    Takes 35mins for me.

    See ya!
  17. r4ge Active Member

    It went down there now - working again :p

    (Still slow)
  18. leeboing New Member

    its not working for me. :-(
  19. r4ge Active Member

  20. richman07816 New Member

    dont work for me im on orange UK

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