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New Smsc!

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by Terry, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Terry Active Member


    Works on Tango, Luxembourg. And Cosmote. Confirmed By Adam.

    ALSO WORKS ON O2 - UK!!! confirmed by me!

    only thing i noticed is that u may get number not in use sometimes. U need to try again untill it works :thumbsup:
  2. auka New Member

    not work for me
  3. Terry Active Member

    U have to keep trying it
  4. Adam New Member

    working on cosmote, cheers!
  5. zahid New Member

    Not working on loop and 02-uk
  6. Fulvian Forgotten Member

    +27831000113 used to forward to that number, but not anymore. That SMSC has worked for more than 2 weeks, died on December 1st and lived again on December 3rd, now it does need some attempts to get "Message sent", but it never said "Number not in use" on My SIM, "Message not sent this time" instead. Works best from late night till morning (GMT+2).

    Still working on Satelindo Indonesia.

    Cheers for posting it up! :)
  7. auka New Member

    i hate smsc that i must try many time to send a sms.
  8. Terry Active Member

  9. Jennifer New Member

    really, goodstuff thanx ;)
  10. Jennifer New Member

    but it wont work for me :( :( :(
  11. Terry Active Member

    U have to keep trying it. Sometimes it says sent and sumtimes it says number not in use
  12. Jennifer New Member

    are u sure iv tried a few times
  13. Terry Active Member

    Yeah im sure. It took me 20 goes before it said sent earlier
  14. bootsy2002 New Member

    who wants to wait 20 times before it sends, just spend 10p instead. or 3p on virgin to virgin
  15. Terry Active Member

    If u dont want to use it dont i dont care i just posted it for the people who want to use it
  16. lancaster The Spawn of Innovation.

    Tried it once, worked straight away. O2-UK.
  17. Terry Active Member

    ^see! it does work!! I cant send msgs to my self though. I can only send em to my gf
  18. navinkv Professional Member

    instant for me
  19. lancaster The Spawn of Innovation.

    Oh, I cant see why, I sent them to my number and it worked.
    Just out of curiosity tho, you sent it using the +447 instead of 07?
  20. Terry Active Member

    Yeah course i did lol

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