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new smsc

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by flinty, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. flinty New Member


    works on o2 aint ried any other networks!


    Found few mins ago!

    Laters dan aka flinty
  2. Area52 Active Member

    this was a good smsc, it was not as easy to find as some. Ive had it some time. I hope you people enjoy this smsc as much as i have in the past. It does work.

    Network: Sonofon
    Country: Denmark
  3. flinty New Member

    thanx for confirming area52! i had bit of help i was given the +454 it was quite easy after knowing dat!

    dan aka flinty
  4. Area52 Active Member

    oh i see :)

    Its been working since the 30th of september, so ive had it some time :)
  5. flinty New Member

    yeah well, its bin a good year since ive done ne seeking! Thought it was time i did some again!

    Dan aka flinty
  6. musti New Member

    thanks for da smsc
  7. scott Chill! Live life to the full! learn not to bother!

  8. flinty New Member

    some of the thanx goes to scottie boi!
  9. debz New Member

    ta for smsc..altho i aint tried it yet!
  10. debz New Member

    tried it..instant recieved b4 it even sed sent!!!
  11. manish Active Member

    damn! o well. ca i ask who gave you the prefix?? was it scottie? where did he get this prefix from? its a good and instant smsc. but should only last 1 or 2 day max:sad:
  12. cartenz New Member

    Yeah! instant! Thanks :)
  13. flinty New Member

    ^^ yes it was scottie and it was posted in the other topic open with the same title as this!

    Dan aka flinty
  14. navinkv Professional Member

    thanks its working on indian networks.
  15. zahid New Member

    ^F u c k i n g hell again posted smsc am gona faint s h i t :mad:
  16. Silentscorn New Member

    works grait on Tango :)
  17. Yeah man really perfect on Tango when you send before it was sent it's already there so good :D LOL Thx mate
  18. lea4545 New Member

    cheers f this, hope it keeps goin! and hope it dunt block me fone f usin it!
  19. Lion Member

    I disagree....
    It was quite easy to find it.
    Just scan +4540590xxx and oups.. here you are :)

    There were other quite similar smscs that worked in the past...


    So nothing difficult.
    Many people had it area just like you did ;)

    Thanks anyway, and of course ... enjoy it! :)
  20. hmm the smsc works but takes longer than before :(

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