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number 2 test!!!

Discussion in 'SMSC' started by Admin, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. Admin Administrator

    i've just found this +31653131314 it needs 2 be tested :cool::cool:
  2. Dj_rudeness New Member

    y dont u test it and tell us if it works?
  3. Admin Administrator

    it sends on o2....btw why cant u test it as well?
  4. Dj_rudeness New Member

    because i have only just finished fixing the network problem on my 3310 (or now 3315 which it used to be b4 i played with it)which would mean i couldnt send a msg if i had no network on it :D
  5. darklore3003 New Member

    it dont work on orange, it says sent but does not sent, damn! :lol i bid u adure:lol:
  6. chow New Member

    Not workin 4 me- o2
  7. Ongobay Active Member

    it sayas sent then i get a text back from 456 saying something in german or sum other place like that. SO i dont think it sent.
  8. Ongobay Active Member

    If you send a blank message to 456 with that message centre it texts you back saying your account balance, mine said "Uw SMS tegoed bedraagt 0,00 Euro."
  9. Admin Administrator

  10. grazy1979 New Member

    sends on o2!!! but when it returns the text is all double dutch!!!! different lang!!! shame i had high hopes for this one!!!!!!!! never mind we must keep searching!!!!!!
  11. Ongobay Active Member

    Apparently its from the netherlands
  12. The Lostprophet New Member

    uw bericht is niet verzonden wegens onvoldoende SMS tegoed. Bel 456 om uw SMS tegoed op te waarderen...thats the msg i get bak lol....that means soooo much to me...LMAO
  13. phreaky Ride Fast, Die Young

    why send me an email saying u have a new smsc when u know it dont work!!!
  14. Salami1_1 Member

    hehe smsc is not for free I think..I'm Dutch I will translate:
    'Your message has not been sended because your sms eeh(don't know how to say this in english.) your sms-'fund' is not enough.
    Call 456 to upgrade your sms-fund'



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