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okay im going on holiday wooooo

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Epsos, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Epsos live each day as it comes

    okay im going on holiday 2 greece pefkos for two weeks i jus thought i would let people know that i wont be around even tho im only sa member lol noone cares but if something happens on this site would someone send me a email or something letting me know lol cus 2 weeks is a long time to be of the internet for :(

    for everyone have a good two weeks and ill be back on when i get back lol
  2. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    Have a good time :)
  3. Terry Active Member

    Have a good time and don't forget my rock.
  4. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    dont worry about us im sure nothing exciting will happen here...go enjoy your holiday and forget we ever exsisted for 2 weeks, thats what holidays are for! Byeeee
  5. Epsos live each day as it comes

    okay guys 1 hour left woooo thanks for all the possitive wishing woke up at 8 this morning news was on a plain crash then after that burgulars possitive thinking lol

    cheers all
  6. cathyquigley New Member

    ahahah omg [IMG]

    are you having a laugh??! you're going on holiday ffs and you're going to be worryin about whats happenin on teh internet.....

    smsmasters at that! [IMG]

    surely you are joking? [IMG]
  7. -AMO- Bad ass mo fo!

    lol, my thoughts exactly.
  8. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    My thoughts to i was just trying to be nice :homestar:
  9. Jonesy New Member

    Ok, you wont be missing much here. A long time, you should get out more i suggest.

  10. jenkinsalun New Member

    hmmm, hope ya have fun like even though you won't see this now til ya get back lol. I wouldn't worry about the net meself - more to chat about when you come back!
  11. Epsos live each day as it comes

    welll everyone last time on the internet in greece lol jus about to go clubbing i jus read this thread


    and wetted my self with laughter nearly as funny as this girl falling oer in faliraki water park lol

    anyway gunit is banned o well no loss

    i havent been thinking about the internet its jus wen sites that used to be good like this one and tech-tronix shut for no reason it gets to me thinking of things lost anyway im doing good got a tan

    got given 11 free condoms on the airport gt ermm 1 left lol buzzing anyways i get out enough lol ermm speak soon have fun dont let knobheads like G-unit spoil it
  12. Jonesy New Member

    So you put the others in the bin then........
  13. katzinthehouse New Member

    nice to know u had a good time
  14. Epsos live each day as it comes

    lmao mate i wish lol nah i got to meet some really good mates and i think holidays are the best cus this first time i been on holidat and actually met anyone ill post some pics up when i uploaded them later but it was hot lol
  15. cathyquigley New Member


    why what did you do with them?
  16. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    Put them over his head.
  17. Epsos live each day as it comes

  18. cathyquigley New Member

    is that what you done or are you not going to tell us? im dying to know.

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