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Orange payg tarrif changed

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by handley, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. handley New Member

    I have noticed that Orange have changed their payg payment plans.
    They seem to have abandoned thier choice of three plans and gone on to just one flat rate for all plan.

    It charges 15p for all calls to landlines and Orange mobiles and 35p to other networks.

    I asked in the shop as I am on ''choose your own offpeak'' which gives me 10p calls offpeak and weekends, (25p offpeak to other networks), which is when I make most calls, so I will stay with it.

    They said that I can change my offpeak times as before BUT if I once go on to the new tarrif then I am stuck with it and can't go back!!!

    What happened to choice??

    They have also brought in a scheme where you get some cashback each month depending on how much you spend IF you go on the new tarrif.

    It needs careful looking into to see what suits.
    The new scheme benefits heavy users BUT not occasional users such as me.
  2. Epsos live each day as it comes

    if you need to change yur tarrif for it to suit you do so if you get it and think damn just buy a new sim card lol

    the 10 pound spent every week 5 poiund back offer would of helped me alot now im on contract
  3. handley New Member

    You're right it was good but it seems that the £5 back offer is not on anymore, except for existing customers who have already signed up to it.

    They have changed everything for newly registered sims which automatically go on to the new tarrif and the new cashback offers.

    They have, for new connections, abandonned all of the previous 3 payg tarrifs.

    They seem to be changing things all of the time lately with new payg offers which they then withdraw within a very short time.

    They seem a bit desparate to me!!!
  4. zahid New Member

    yeh man it has changed i wondered dis wen i rang ma gf yest check dis link tells u all bout it but da txtz r 10p now!! used to b 12p oh well i love ma o2 lol!!! :)

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