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Pentium 3 For Sale!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by BIG KID, Jul 25, 2002.

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  1. BIG KID New Member

    Hewlett Packard Vectra,*Base unit only*

    Pentium 3 500Mhz
    128MB Ram
    Floppy Disk
    Matrox G2 Graphics Card
    Netgear Network Card
    On-board sound, usb etc.
    Windows XP installed

    Flat type base unit not mini tower,may consider p/x on mobile phone cheers:)
  2. Admin Administrator

    and how r u going to deliver the PC to us then?? r u reputable??
  3. neverperfect New Member

    yeh hoe the hell are you meant to deliver it to us and how do we know that this stuff really is on the console
  4. BIG KID New Member

  5. neverperfect New Member

    that doesnt exactly answer our quesiton and i havea sony erricson T68i
  6. BIG KID New Member

    just upgraded to p4 1.8g, that's why i'm selling it, i'm in bradford west yorkshire by the way.
  7. BIG KID New Member

    how much you wanting for the t68 m8?
  8. neverperfect New Member

    oh, well your referrers prove that u are legit but i dunno about buying it, but does it have a cdr-drive? and how much is it
  9. Admin Administrator

    how much u selling it for m8? even tho i aint buying it
  10. BIG KID New Member

    no sorry no cdr, but I have an external HP 8200series cd-writer I may sell at the right price.
  11. neverperfect New Member

    how much for the both then?
  12. BIG KID New Member

    looking for offers m8
  13. neverperfect New Member

    how about £350 for the two? o should it be higher
  14. BIG KID New Member

    Any more offers guy's?
  15. neverperfect New Member

    is the offer enough or do you want me to go higher?
  16. BIG KID New Member

    how high can you go?
  17. BIG KID New Member

    by the way when I have my 10 post's will I be able to go straight in to the smsc forum?
  18. neverperfect New Member

    well i can go as high as £885 and you gotta u2u admin for the smsc access when you reach the ten and you should get it within or after 24 hrs
  19. BIG KID New Member

    ok there your's if you want e'm m8.
  20. neverperfect New Member

    im not gonna go for £885 for the two i can get a better offer for at least half the price
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