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Pentium 3 For Sale!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by BIG KID, Jul 25, 2002.

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  1. Admin Administrator

    [OFF TOPIC] hey "big kid" im taking away ur avatar coz its too wide and it stretches the forum. sorry. pls choose a smaller one...u can also find some in our avatar gallery :)
  2. BIG KID New Member

    make me a sensible offer then.
  3. BIG KID New Member

    I already took it off m8, sorry about that ooop's
  4. neverperfect New Member

    i wont go over 415
  5. BIG KID New Member

    is that an offer then m8?
  6. neverperfect New Member

    nah actually i'll go with the better offer
  7. BIG KID New Member

  8. neverperfect New Member

    well sorry for wasting ur time with blind promises and woohoo i realised i past 2000 posts
  9. BIG KID New Member

    we'll done m8! and I got my 10 woohoo
  10. BIG KID New Member

    what are you mods like, ur supposed to set an example! :)
  11. Admin Administrator

    post more or it will be deleted and classified as spam! :lol: only j/k :cool:
  12. BIG KID New Member

    so do you have a t68 or was that a p*ss take aswell?
  13. neverperfect New Member

    wat the hell? it was an apology and no it wasnt a oiss take i do have a T68i
  14. Admin Administrator

    he does have a t68i :)
  15. BIG KID New Member

    you selling it?
  16. BIG KID New Member

    woohoo 20!
  17. neverperfect New Member

    nope sorry not selling it its the only fone i have since my 3330 has a cracked screen and my 3310 is being used by my dad
  18. Admin Administrator

    BIG KID, this is a friendly warning, pls stop spamming such as "woo hoo 20 posts". thanks :)
  19. BIG KID New Member

    If any1 has a SENSIBLE! offer please feel free to e-mail me cheers :) stevenbyrne2000@hotmail.com:cool:

    [Edited on 25-7-2002 by BIG KID]
  20. neverperfect New Member

    you dont mind me adding you to my ocntacts list just in case u have a new offer?
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