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Phone service repairs....

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by Engineer, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Engineer New Member


    Can offfer you CD full of DCT 3.5 and DCT 4, these manuels, contain, repair hints, schmatic layouts (some in colour), hints and tips, for broken phones, such as, 3210, 3310, 3310, 3410, 3510, 3510i, 5510, 6610, 6100, 7210, 7250, 8210, 8310, 6310i, 7650, 3650. AND MUCH MUCH MORE

    SOME repair precedures on CD...'No Power up' 'No Service' 'No Charge' 'Dropped Call' 'No Display' 'Contact Service' 'Flashing Fails' and much much more...

    Procedures showing RX and TX path, going into components, GSM/DCS/PCN, Dual Band and Triband Troubleshooting, signal outputs, frequencies. etc

    Also on CD, Sony, Alcatel, Ericsson, Panasonic, Phillips, Siemans, Motorola, Samsung, and more, phone manuels.

    This CD is a must have for people interested in Mobile Phone Repair, or want to know the knowledge on the mobile industry..

    Price for CD is £6, if in UK, price varies if outside UK. Delivered in Jiffi Bag, sent next day..

    contact on: sack@gettingitwrong.co.uk
  2. Andrea Active Member

    Cool. How many of these cd's do you have? :)
  3. Engineer New Member

    i have enough. hehe
  4. Andrea Active Member

    I'll pm you! :)
  5. Engineer New Member

  6. Area52 Active Member

    there is alot of people doing thid deal now :)
  7. Trebor New Member

    that actully quiet cheap . i was looking in the paper and some people are charging £20 for some STUFF
  8. Area52 Active Member

    thats stupid...
    20 pound is alot, i supose you could get it for free.
  9. Engineer New Member

    this info has all you need to know on how to repair phones, all offical schmatics / layouts, and all phones
  10. jenkinsalun New Member

    all u really need is someone inside nokia, like me lol
  11. Engineer New Member

    but your still a kid, u know nowt on phones, except power swicthes flashing, unlocking, wots ya technical side...
  12. Engineer New Member

  13. Engineer New Member

  14. jenkinsalun New Member

    my technical side, I spent a year or 2 with inolvement in the computer trade, giving me the skills for electronics etc. I later moved in to mobile phones where I built up a knowledge of repairing and unlocking. Although I have nevr performed half of this example flashing, I still know enough about it, if i need any info I just ask my bros friend for the advice or post in here and ask mr. cat. or sum1

    [Edited on 10/6/2003 by jenkinsalun :spelling error]
  15. SchrodingersCat New Member

    ask vegeta or y2dom. ;)
  16. Engineer New Member

    LOL hence my username ...
  17. Engineer New Member

    bump x2
  18. SchrodingersCat New Member

    *sigh* i dont think you are allowed to up the thread on the thread list like that mate :D
  19. Engineer New Member

    have no idea...
  20. jenkinsalun New Member

    Yeah why u keep going bump? u just gotta wait, Thats upping your post count as well.

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