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Photofast CR-5400 - questions answered

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Admin, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Admin Administrator

    Product Description:
    Converts your MicroSD or MicroSDHC Card into a MS Pro Duo Card for use with Pro Duo enabled devices, including PSP. The device contains two MicroSDHC memory slots each with a capacity of up to 16GB for a total capacity of 32GB.

    - Format MicroSD cards with the CR-5400 adapter before using the card. DO NOT FORMAT by PC!
    - Keep Micro SD cards in the CR-5400 adapter at all times during data transfer. DO NOT transfer data from Micro SD cards without the CR-5400 adapter to any other device (such as a PC). In other words, do not remove the MicroSD cards from the adapter and try to transfer data to/from them. It will cause data corruption.
    - Many card readers DO NOT support high capacity Memory Stick (Duo) memory cards. Use the USB cable to transfer data to/from the PSP
    - PSP system software version 2.80 or earlier do not correctly recognize high-capacity Memory Stick PRO DuoTM with more than 4 GB of free (recordable) memory space. Update your firmware.

    Note: From personal experience, I have found that several steps must be taken to recover your microSD cards from the dual CD-5400 configuration (i.e. before normal devices can use them again). First, I used the Panasonic SDFormatter tool to perform a format with wipe and 'format size adjustment' turned on. Then I had to do a Windows format because Windows still wouldn't see it (neither would the PSP). Finally, I formatted it with the PSP. Now they work just find. Interestingly, the 2nd card in the CR-5400 showed up as a 16GB card in the SDFormatter tool. Of course after reformatting it showed up as the expected 8GB size again.

    My personal experience:
    I am using 2 x 8GB A-Data Class 6 microSD cards with my CR-5400. I have found that the transfer rates are at least 2x as fast as a memory stick duo pro (tested a SanDisk 2.0GB and a Sony 1.0GB). The XMB loads in about 1/2 the time as before. I highly recommend that you use the fastest microSD cards that you can (Class 6).

    Performance Tests:
    This are just some informal tests I conducted just to get an idea of how much performance is gained/lost. I copied a 597MB file to and from each of the listed configurations. Note that the configurations listed as "microSD adapter to USB" are not using the PSP at all - they are my raw speed tests (these should give the maximum performance of the microSD card). All microSD cards are A-Data Class 6 cards (2 x 8GB and 1 x 16GB). Interestingly, although both 8GB and 16GB cards are listed as Class 6, the performance of the 8GB cards is better. Both the Transcend MS Pro Duo Adapter and the CR-5400 w(ith a single card) performed as good as the Sony MagicGate Pro Duo card (within statistical variation). The most interesting lesson from all these tests is.... the CR-5400 showed significant speed increases when using 2 cards instead of just one - especially in reading .

    Read Write Notes
    1:36 1:57 Sony MagicGate Pro Duo (1GB)

    0:26 1:01 microSD adapter to USB (8GB)
    1:44 1:46 Transcend MS Pro Duo Adapter (8GB)
    1:10 1:40 CR-5400 (1 x 8GB)

    0:34 1:17 microSD adapter to USB (16GB)
    0:57 1:35 CR-5400 (2 x 8GB)
    1:30 1:58 Transcend MS Pro Duo Adapter (16GB)
    1:27 1:53 CR-5400 (1 x 16GB)

    (I apologize for the table formatting, HTML code doesn't work.)

    Other Notes:
    Just did some further research... according to Wiki, Memory Stick - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Secure Digital card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the memory stick pro duo has a theoretical transfer speed of 20MB/sec (yeah, in your pipe dream, Sony!) and a maximum size of 32GB although 2TB is supposedly possible. (However, that does not mean that the PSP device necessarily supports those sizes - for instance old Sony PDAs only support up to 2GB.) The max capacity of of microSD cards is 32GB -- does this mean that the Photofast could use 2 x 32GB = 64GB? I don't know -- (1) I've never seen any 32GB microSD cards, (2) I've never heard of anyone trying it, and (3) Photofast only claims 2 x 16 = 32GB capacity. As far as speed is concerned, if you look in the SD Card link... a Class 6 card only guarantees 40x (6MB/sec) transfer rates or higher. These ratings are not independently verified so your mileage may vary. As I said in the previous paragraph, my Class6 A-Data cards are at least 150% faster than my memory stick pro duo in real-world use.

    Fake or real? How to spot the difference:
    From Photofast's website:


    Here is what my Photofast CR-5400 looks like. It has been working perfectly - never a problem and passes the tests above. Hopefully yours looks like this also.

  2. willbeme New Member

    Awesome, what's the price on these?

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