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--------->>>post pics of urself in here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Admin, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. morph New Member

    well i aint got one of me [scanner aint compatible wiv my nu XP] but i may aswell show my loved one t tha world... umm.... sms mastaz :eek:
  2. snowman3310 New Member

    Which shows that takin the internet seriously must be wrong, as who in their right mind wouldnt like me? :puzzled:
  3. roadkill New Member

    Listen, every post you make is sarcastic, i dont have a grudge against you, im not taking any of it seriously, i dont care, im just letting you know that your sarcasm got stale a long time ago. And as for letting it go i did, u tried 5 times to keep me going but i ignored each post.

    Im not a "little girl" for letting you know that your sarcasm isnt funny, isnt witty, its just stale, so stale i cant even be bothered to mock u anymore. And think before this post enrages you :rolleyes:
  4. cathyquigley New Member

    morph ur gf is pretty :)
  5. roadkill New Member

    So is mines:)
  6. oi oi :)
  7. cathyquigley New Member

  8. snowman3310 New Member

    Dont u notice any1 else being sarcastic? or are u just tryin to start somethin with me again? And i dont see any1 else cryin like a little girl cause im bein sarcastic. if u dont like it just dont read my posts, they are never meant for u anyway. and the big man with his "i didnt reply to ure posts". U started the whole thing, and it was me who stopped replyin to ure posts on the 1st day, but then i realised i dont care if u keep on replyin, u dont offend me, and u give me somethin to laugh about:lol:
  9. frosty_da_god New Member

    for god sake kids will ya shut it now snowman3310
  10. Orangefre@k In Moderation

  11. Darktone Supervisor

    yah! shes hot!
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