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--------->>>post pics of urself in here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Admin, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. SLIMSHADY33102 New Member

    and i thought this was for people 2 place a pic
  2. man dont copy dj-rudenesses avatar! he wont b happy! :lol:
  3. SchrodingersCat New Member

    yea! lol, there will be sparks when hes online.
  4. Lukebrum New Member

    lol get rid of it
  5. eminem REAL Lyrical Masta

    Get it off! Get your own Avatar!
  6. r4ge Active Member

    I think i got debbie's picture sent to me over msn...
    Probably confused me with seaton... :p
    Computers formatted and your pictures gone :(
  7. debz New Member

    u mean me? u didn't!!!..did u? argh!!!:shocked2:
  8. Silentscorn New Member

    i got her pic
  9. bootsy2002 New Member

    is anyone actually posting pics on ere or what ???????????????????????????????
  10. Corrupt New Member

    Rename this thread "SPAM" because thats all it is really. http://www.faceparty.com/corrupt-hack , Thats me.

    Threads such as this, should be set to "do not increase users post count" Its just a way of them becoming a higher ranked member :/
  11. jenkinsalun New Member

    i'll post mine, l8r, when i can get this damn camera to work, i will prob give u nightmares, but who cares?
  12. jenkinsalun New Member

    Ok, here it is, me looking like a prat.
  13. Admin Administrator

    :ssj: :rofl:

    just kiddin
  14. jenkinsalun New Member

    bye the way, if you're wondering about background, i'm not using my own pc today, it broke. lol
  15. gwynjenkins New Member

    Think ill give mine a miss!!!
  16. Jonesy New Member

    i mite post up mine, but im not sure how to do it
  17. take a foto wid a digital camera (or scan ur face in! :lol:) thenopen camera drive up, get ur pic and attach it wid ur post on here!
  18. debz New Member

    press post reply as well instead of using quick reply coz the attachments is in there!
  19. debz New Member

    gonna delete this in a min btw jus need properties from it
  20. ShaneMcGaye New Member

    Hi all!! I am after getting a pic lf myself. Its me in one of my pals car.We were driving to a wizard of Oz musical that was on in our town hall last week! it was soo cool!:D Anyway, thats why i have a big smile on my face! lol!:smilegrin:

    so who here thinks that im a bit of a ladies man? :lol:
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