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private messages

Discussion in 'Website Issues & Suggestions' started by Jennifer, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Jennifer New Member

    hello..can someone help
    it says i have some unread private messages but when i click it says i dont have any :confused: :confused:

    can anyone help???

  2. bdazzle New Member

    it may say total messages

    does it say unread messages
  3. Jennifer New Member

    Unread 73, Total 153.
  4. bdazzle New Member

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm am not an expert at my email as i hardly get any messages :(

    but am sure a mod or admin would help u out, just w8 a while
  5. Jennifer New Member

    yea ok ...cheers anyway
    its the private messages thing on here
    i dunno i havent been on in about a year and a half u see
  6. Epsos live each day as it comes

    erm it may be a php error im sure if you emailed or pmed admin he would sort it explain it to him lol
  7. bdazzle New Member

    o i thought u dint look familar
  8. Jennifer New Member

    yea used to be on ages ago
    was the agony aunt
    was i sacked?
    thanks epos
  9. bdazzle New Member

  10. Jennifer New Member

    people sent me there problems...:)
  11. bdazzle New Member

    o i c
  12. Epsos live each day as it comes

    why you get sacked?

    lol if i was to tell u jy prpoblems youd get me confused lads are ment to be simple i aint lol
  13. Admin Administrator

    Are you the one who had a child?
  14. bdazzle New Member

    2 that i know of if your talking to me (jkz)
  15. bdazzle New Member

    and admin, have u bloked me on msn??????????
  16. Jonesy New Member

    Yeah she is jd, the idea was scraped jen because you wasnt here for ages me thinks, anyway welcome back jen :)
  17. Matty New Member

    It included messages you've sent or drafted
  18. Jennifer New Member

    two????? :confused:
    yes i had a child he is called dylan and he is one now hes lovely
    but can u help me with the prob admin :)

    thank u jonesy :kicking:
  19. Admin Administrator

    Just ignore the PM problem, it occured because I converted the whole forum.
  20. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    :shocking: Welcome back Jen!

    It's been a while, PM me :p
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