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References for JD

Discussion in 'Buyer, Seller, Trader Feedback' started by Admin, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Admin Administrator

    Whether you have dealth with me on ebay, etc. Please leave a ref.
  2. topnok.com New Member

    the net is full of odd folks and weird dudes and crazy sick people.

    very rare you meet a good guy! they are rare. and JD is a good guy! :D

    super to deal with and very communicative and reliable! he is a regular customer of ours and completes checkout with lightening speed.
    if there is one thing for certain u can say about JD, is this, "ideal customer"! and a pleasure to work with. :cool:

    all the best mate.

  3. miruthanka New Member

    I am new one here .....

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