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refs 4 manish

Discussion in 'Buyer, Seller, Trader Feedback' started by manish, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. manish Active Member

  2. gjuhasz New Member

    This Guy is trustable !
    I sent sim to him first and he sent too my cards back!
    He is fast & correct !
    I prefer for you !
  3. woody2 New Member

    i finx he likes ya manish.. i prefer for you.. nah joke.
  4. manish Active Member

    i swapped sims with him. and only that!! lol
  5. manish Active Member

    why does this thread say there are no replies when there are replies in it??
  6. r4ge Active Member

    Server change probably caused it...
  7. manish Active Member

  8. Hoyza New Member

    :pI don't trust this: (Custom Status) THUG LIFE
  9. manish Active Member

    ^good 4 u, do i really care wot u think!! im a trustworthy person!
  10. spiderbites3 New Member

    why you postin in your own refs page ......i thought the whole idea was for ppl to leave you refs all this does is confuse ppl before they enter this thread they think you have 8 refs then they get here and you only have one
  11. manish Active Member

    ^so wot r u doing? get out man!
  12. spiderbites3 New Member

    yea man
  13. Darktone Supervisor

  14. navinkv Professional Member

    this guy is trustworthy and reacts fast, i just traded o2 sims with him.
  15. kaland Member

    i have trade sims with him and very good and fast. you can trust him
  16. Admin Administrator

    Received 16 o2 online sims via Royal Mail Recorded First Class Mail. Speedy delivery and well packed. Will recommend to other buyers.

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