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Refurb Nokia 3100+o2 sim - £9.99 from o2

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by handley, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. handley New Member

    You can order a refurbished Nokia 3100 complete with sim for £9.99 delivered which is'nt bad!

    Go to http://shop.o2.co.uk/student

    P.S. You don't need to be a student.

    Click on Pay & Go Great Deals and its on that page - say's £29.99 but it IS £9.99 I promise.

    This does work as I have checked today.
    Good buy for a spare phone or if money is short.
  2. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    Nice find!
  3. Mr_G New Member

    looks a bit dodgy 2 me:(
  4. handley New Member

    It is the official o2/nus site and should be reliable.
    Several friends have ordered successfully.
  5. a_i786 New Member

    cheers mate
  6. jenkinsalun New Member

    £9.99 eh, thats worth it just to move up a model or 2 from my 3510i! any1 know if this model is compatible with the nokia clip on cameras?
  7. Terry Active Member

  8. jensenh1 Member

    This is probably the best thread I have seen on here for months!

    Thanks and lets hope they deliver!
  9. Matty New Member

    Wow that's a steal!

    Thanks very much, might order and sell on... :)

    EDIT: I either can't find it, or it's finished and should be closed :(
  10. a_i786 New Member

    its finished i managed to get one waiting for it to be delivered

    EDIT: i called o2 to track the order and was also told if i register it as an upgrade to my current number im entitle to £20 free credit. i'd advise you see if you are entitle to free credit on upgrades as wel.
  11. Matty New Member

    Brilliant! :D

    What a great offer that turned out to be, shame I missed it.
  12. karin New Member

    Sorry for posting twice my mistake.
    Ignore this one
  13. karin New Member

    I have just checked tihis morning.

    It was there on Sunday as I ordered one then.

    There are only two phones on offer now:

    Sony Erricson K700i at £89.99 and :

    Motorola V547 at £99.99;

    it's a shame but I expect that numbers were limited of the cheap phones,
    though those that remain are both reasonabe offers.

    To get to it you go to above link- click payg bargains on the left hand side of the screen.
  14. adzlotus V i P Member

    click `sim only`. Genie sims are only 99p!
  15. jenkinsalun New Member

    shame I missed that one, oh well keep the money for my new top notch nokia lol
  16. saadzahid Member

    hi there, i cant beleive i came across this site just a few days ago... i missed out on some great opportunities like this one.... does anyone know if o2 do offers like this regulerly?? have they done something like this before... i.e. cheeeeep fones? really need an upgrade... 3310 just aint blingin no more! thanx:rolleyes:

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