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Samsung Releases The YH-999 Portable Media Center - UK

Discussion in 'Home Page News' started by Admin, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Admin Administrator


    Samsung launched their multifunctional Portable Media Centre (PMC) Player, the YH999, last Monday in the UK.

    The eagerly awaited Samsung offering is the second in a series of Portable Media Centers due to hit the UK. The device features a 3.5” colour TFT LCD screen, video out capabilities and a built-in speaker for headphone-free viewing. The YH-999 plays Windows Media Video (WMV9) files at 320x240 resolution and 500kbps. The device allows for around 80 hours of recorded TV to be stored on its 20GB HD.

    Photos can be downloaded instantly from a digital camera to the YH-999 and viewed immediately. The PMC can store up to 400,000 pictures in the 20GB of storage and users can also display their pictures on a TV in a slideshow accompanied by music via the video-out port.

    Alternatively the PMC acts as a music player allowing users to store both WMA and MP3 music files, approximately 5000 songs can be stored to fill up the 20GB of storage. Recorded TV/Photos/Music is all transported onto the device via a high speed USB2.0 link.

    The first PMC to hit the UK was the Creative Zen PMC. The device is currently on sale in the UK priced at £399.99, it's available from Dixon's in the UK.

    [IMG] Screenshot: Samsung YH-999 PMC Head On
    [IMG] Screenshot: Samsung YH-999 PMC & Stand
    [IMG] View: More Information On The Samsung YH-999 PMC

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