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Samsung t100 or s300 wanted

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted' started by Matthi90, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Matthi90 New Member

    Im looking for a t100 or a s30

    I live in norway and need a phone thats compatible(can be used) with a "pre-pay" sim card on GSM network with a norwegian operator.

    I`d like the phone in/almost mint condition.

    And if it`s a package (phone,handsfree,datacable,cd etc etc) that would be preferable...

    Cash on delivery

    Make ur offers if u got one too "spare"..
  2. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    150 for the t100
  3. aj2003 New Member

    @fook_mi: hes after a t100, mayve u should try reading the post first,

  4. thadonisback New Member

    I have one t100 for sale
    handset only.
    the housing is pretty badly scracthed up but is in full working order !

    leave me offers
  5. Matthi90 New Member

    REF:I`d like the phone in/almost mint condition.
  6. thadonisback New Member

    I might be able to get one much cleaner but not in mint cond.
  7. Matthi90 New Member

    Yeah....id like a package of t100 and i dont want scracthes or ripes in glass but its ok if if the paintwork is a little f*u*c*k*e*d but then i need to be able to buy a new casing and refit i....so i can clean it up myself....also living in norway so keep criterias written up top in mind!
  8. thadonisback New Member

    the glass is abosultey fine just the paintwork is messy.

    I can give to you for just £110 ?
  9. Matthi90 New Member

    Is it just the phone ure selling? AM i actually able to change casing and can it be used in norway...answer that and we r closer to "closure"!
  10. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    yes i wa saying that i can sell one for that much
  11. thadonisback New Member

    yes it can be used in norway !
    and off course it is possible to change housing
  12. Matthi90 New Member

    Ok.....Fook_mi ive been down to £95 fot that phone but thnx anyway haha...thadonisback ure making me want that thing....coulourmaybe pic

    how about i give u £105 and u pay the freight cash on delivery? hows about thats pats
  13. Matthi90 New Member

    Crap...i meant to ask if anything came along with the phone...handfree,datacable,cd etc etc
  14. morph New Member

    have you any refs?
  15. thadonisback New Member

    its just the handset !
    I can not do cash on delivery but I have refs on other forums..
    I do not have any pics but if phone is not as described then I will send you money for phone to be returned.
  16. Matthi90 New Member

    ok ok! thats to bad cuz i aint got a bank account ANYWHERE!!...tha`s why i want cash on delivery.....+ thats kinda putting ure trust in the goverment to bring me the package safe and without probs injuries or any other hardware damages
  17. morph New Member

    matthi.. you have no refs and your wanting COD? think again
  18. Matthi90 New Member

    But if u cant take that can u send me some links here for some forums who do that......
  19. Matthi90 New Member

    Can`t say i need refs cuz if i aint the one picking up the package it wont be PAYED OR cashed out cuz all info gotta be right....dont ure cash on delivery system have safety-bounces....well the nowegian one do and i dont care about refs cuz u might be a thief man....i know MYSELF and i aint....i just dont wanna be con....do u?
  20. morph New Member

    if your a ripper, your a ripper, if someone sends you goods, and you receive and dont pay, your a ripper, i'am not saying you are, but it is totally unreasonable that you request COD when you cannot show any refs, when thadon can. I can assure you thadon wont con you, he has refs, so why would he risk losing all status online, for around 100 GBP.

    [Edited on 28-9-2003 by morph]

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