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Discussion in 'SMSC' started by bharalanga, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. bharalanga Member

    Can anyone recommend to me the latest seeking software or which types of phones are recommended for seeking?
    Any tips and tricks to the game?
    thanks in advance for any help
  2. Webwitty Former Stalker

    fluvian seeker is the best. nokia are better coz of uniformity. and support AT commads.
  3. bharalanga Member

    does anyone have the link for this software please...any sms numbers i find will be posted on this site
  4. Fulvian Forgotten Member

    what software do You mean?
  5. smsc22 Smsc seeker

    i've uploaded smsc explorer 2 and 1.5 to rapidshare for who ever wants it

    smsc explorer 2 download
    smsc explorer 1.5 download
    password for rar files is smsc22
  6. jiddigaul New Member

    hello Fulvian do you have new smsc listing for indonesian operator?
  7. bharalanga Member

    i cant use rapidshare would you mind using another uploading site please

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