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Selling SmsMasters Forum

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Admin, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. drage New Member

    ah believe me dj dognose it is worth that to the right people. Some business would probably snap it up and turn it into a money maker, then they could buy a mucho better car than that ;)

  2. Admin Administrator

    dj dognose??? :lol::lol:
  3. drage New Member

  4. Darktone Supervisor

  5. jenkinsalun New Member

    well personally i think we should all chip into paying for this place, seeing as we r all using it to our advantage, i'd b happy 2 chip in, cos moneys nothing 2 me.
  6. woody2 New Member

    Why dont some close mates on here put money 2gether and buy it...
  7. drage New Member

    that's a good idea yeh.
  8. Admin Administrator

    ok, im gonna setup a paypal account very soon :)

  9. dj dognose? ooh he aint gona like that! :shocked2:
  10. woody2 New Member

    whats a paypal account??
  11. www.paypal.com u pay money in2 it

    [Edited on 24-4-2003 by mahammued]
  12. woody2 New Member

    do u ave 2 do it?? i mean like pay money.
  13. no, if sum1 wants 2 pay yer then they can pay it by cred card in2 ur paypla account, fastpays better: www.fastpay.com
  14. woody2 New Member

    ta for that..
  15. jenkinsalun New Member

    i got fastpay
  16. concerto49 New Member

    Donation sounds like an idea. Hosting I'd say is at most $10-$20 per month, maybe a lot less and that is on a premium host - looking at the stats.
  17. margaret sullivan New Member

    Great Post...!!!!!!

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