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Semi Finished

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Designz, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Designz New Member

    Xs ..

    Xs is the new name suffix to my design place


    I know there is still a bit to go , dont panic! lol

    tell me what ya think


    PS Muhammed , Dim. will back me up when i say i have only done alterations to his site and not built it from scratch , i have also made it clear in my portfolio!
  2. reyna12 New Member

    Splash has a bot at the bottom qhich has been on different background and is all jaggy. Background of text on main page is 1 image and it just ends not even near the bottom, nice logo, crap buttons. Needs a more proffesional look.
  3. thats not wot people who see my poirtfolio will say tho! thay will just finkl u edited it 2 make it look like it is now! ALL U DONE IS PUT IN A BLUE BOX AT THE TOP!
  4. Designz New Member

    lol , muhammed , if you look i have done more than edit the tables u have put , i have also changed his logo at the top , and made various banners for him , Dont get the wrong end of the stick until u know the full story ,

    Any way with that out of the way , more improvements will be made with graphical improvements

  5. reyna12 New Member

    No im backing up muhammued the only thing different is the contact bit i see nothing else changed.
  6. Designz New Member

    yup that changed, the logo that was originally at the top , that has been changed , also the table layout , and corrected some html errors that was made

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