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SMSCs section 10 posts restricted removed

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Admin, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Admin Administrator

    The SMSCs section is now only viewable by registered users, before users required 10 posts, now this is not the case.
  2. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    Good idea, but now people will just register and never post?
  3. Admin Administrator

    Yes and no, the smsc section is becoming outdated and not updated much now, I don't see the point in people posting 10 posts.
  4. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    Yeh thats true.. but the new people would'nt know that till they posted 10 times lol ;)
    - the VIP area is the best, should be upped to 100 or so
  5. Area52 Active Member

    No one wants to share smsc numbers these days, and every one is getting blocked that do use them.
  6. Dan New Member

    yeah that's a good idea...JD!
  7. G-UNIT New Member

    hw cum i aint allowed to enter the smsc section om registered
  8. Admin Administrator

    I am updating permissions, just wait.
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