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t mobile good but bad

Discussion in 'Network Discussion' started by freetxt, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. freetxt New Member

    t mobile are cheap but are bad because no free smsc work on them
  2. -Rich- New Member

    yep isnt it imposible to send free txt coz they do it differntly ??
  3. Area52 Active Member

    smsc is not every thing you want in a network, you have to think about coverage and cheap calls aswel.
  4. Corrupt New Member

    I agree with area52, and just because hes an imposter, I disagree with smsc. yes tasp, T-Mobile charge no matter what service centre you use, all txts route through them before going to the smsc.
  5. Area52 Active Member

    does any one know if its the same in roaming?
  6. Adam New Member

    No, T-mobile can(well could) use free SMSC in roaming
  7. vegeta Active Member

    yeh i use t-mobile becos of the call rate but its a bitch becos u cnt use a centre numba on it
  8. vegeta Active Member

    deleted accidently posted twice!

    [Edited on 20-3-2003 by vegeta]
  9. jenkinsalun New Member

    they r rubbish, in my opinion, used up £7 in a few days.
  10. Area52 Active Member

    thats your fault not theres, lol
  11. Dude Jinxey

    Yea m8 maybe you were sending too many sms or making to many fone calls!!!
  12. jenkinsalun New Member

    oi, i don't use it much, occassional wap surf, txting me m8's etc.
  13. Area52 Active Member

    you were texting me off it mate :D

    just stick to an o2 online sim if you have one mate :D
  14. jenkinsalun New Member

    u gonna get me 1?
  15. Area52 Active Member

    get one from the free sims promotion in the VIP section.
  16. maximus New Member

    i bought a t-mobile sim today cause i can't be bothered to get my phone unblocked
  17. Admin Administrator

    i think u shudve got o2...more free smscs
  18. Area52 Active Member

    its unlocked mate. there is a difference.
  19. Kelv New Member

    Got an 02 sim here 300 free sms and 300 mins of wap - £10
  20. spunko2010 New Member

    The calls arent cheap, 30p a minute if you spend a fair amount a month. You have to spend more to get more. They have no text bundles, yes their phones are cheaper but only by about 10-20 pounds on average. its worth paying extra to know that you can get SMSCs. if you are interested in price, you may as well buy a virign phone - they are even cheaper than T-Mobile. They give you no freebies, damn them. Plus their customer support is something to be desired. I would use their website, but that is constantly down. Damn them! They suck!

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