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Textin never stops... :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Resident, May 20, 2003.

  1. Resident Member

    Yeah, i like Liverpool:lol: Its a very good team, but this season was very bad... My favorite player is El Hadji Diouf.
  2. Resident Member

    Hi! I texted you but you didnt answer me... :)
  3. Resident Member

    Hi! :cool:
  4. Resident Member


    Do you live in Ireland, am i wrong?:bouncy:
    How are you?
  5. Resident Member

    I'll pass my driving licence tomorrow. Okay, I just hope it;)
  6. morph New Member

    Nottingham :D.... yup the home of Robin Hood lol :D
  7. Terry Active Member

    Lol i live near nottingham! i live in derby
  8. morph New Member

    lol.... damn sheep :(
  9. Terry Active Member

  10. morph New Member

    u can't live in derby if ya dont know dat :/.... uno forest fans vs derby fans... :D
  11. Terry Active Member

    I dont support derby though lol. I support Manu!!
  12. morph New Member

    n that juz sez it all...
  13. littlecuttie New Member

    hey!! :)
  14. Resident Member


    How are you? I've failed to pass my driving licence today... I'll try it again on the next week... Im sad a little bit... :(:(:(
  15. Jonesy New Member

    wellcome aboard m8 its jonsey
  16. KoMaN New Member

    Resident, you failed your driving test? Aww... what happened?
  17. Resident Member

    Hi Jonesy! Im glad to see you here:bouncy:
  18. Resident Member

    Yeah, its hard to explain you... There was a half tree on the road, then i chosen wrong lane... Thats all... :flaming:
  19. Jonesy New Member

    you will pass it the next time m8!
  20. SchrodingersCat New Member

    what are the three hungarian sim cards? are there any good at the moment for free smsc's? :puzzled:

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