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this weeks premiership football

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. Dan New Member

    Birmingham 4 - 0 West Brom - Great win for birmingham!

    Blackburn 0 - 0 Everton - Haha arsenal are 2nd now everton

    Bolton 0 - 1 Man City - Lucky win for man city, good game though

    Chelsea 4 - 0 Norwich - No doubt about it. Chelsea will win the season! this yr

    Man Utd 5 - 2 Crystal Palace - Nice win for man utd, rooney missed a pen crap!

    Middlesbrough 3 - 0 Aston Villa - What a game this was. Getting better boro!

    Tottenham 5 - 1 Southampton - Defoe is just great, better than rooney & owen

    Liverpool 3 - 1 Newcastle - Mellor's getting better and better good game.

    Portsmouth 0 - 1 Arsenal - Campbell stunning goal what a goal it was
  2. Epsos live each day as it comes

    ARSEAL Are the best. r the best lol

    manu r lol nicely won
  3. Dan New Member

    Quick Table...This week's top 5 leaders.
    1 Chelsea 18 29 43
    2 ARSENAL 18 23 38
    3 Everton 18 7 37
    4 Man Utd 18 15 34
    5 Middlesbro 18 10 32
  4. Good display by Liverpool today. Baros nearly got an overhead kick in, definite goal of the season.

    Pompey basically outplayed Arsenal 2nd half.

    PS... What is up with your points?
  5. criminal23 New Member

    Mo suck a nut ya clown

    Only reason you go on about "pompey" is cuz there pretty handy at bein footy hooligans, they woild f*ckin laugh at you if you tried joinin there firm

    Oh and those dvd's you sent me were ****e
  6. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    Very good for tottenham saturday, a stunning performance from defoe with that hat trick, he could of had a fourth aswell, lets just hope he can pull it outta the bag for england. Great game from man-u aswell, ryan giggs is on top form at the moment, he was a mad man on the pitch, he is ledge! Arsenal did well yesterday, pompey put up a good fight i tell ya, but campbell's goal was fantastic, gooners are coming back up the table now is 2nd!!! Fantastic, c'mon you gooners!!!
  7. Jonesy New Member

    Sod the prem :p

    We won again, we will be back ;)
  8. Dan New Member

    lol arsenal got outplayed in the 2nd half yeah portsmouth deserved 3 goals but they didnt get them did they? and arsenal won 1-0! which was fantastic. were going up now no messing around this time, arsenal mean business...we just need chelsea to lose a few more games which is impossible at the minute eh.
    derby county you support jonsey? lol there not doing that bad really good luck to them.
  9. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    Chelsea are doing well and i think they'll keep doing well considering the way robben and drogba are playing. But we'll do em!! C'mon you gooners!!!
  10. Dan New Member

    damn right dani-l. arsenal have henry he's just the BEST! and pires hes great and look at the defender's wel'll get em u watch hehe

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