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Title race

Discussion in 'Sports' started by bharalanga, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. bharalanga Member

    Chelsea 4-1 Westham
    Man Utd 2-0 Arsenal

    The title race is still on but realistically i dont see man u winning it even though i support them. Also Arsenal won't make it into europe hopefully. and i forgot to mention MANU BEAT ARSENAL 2-0:D :D :bleh: :group:
    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Another brownie point for Fergie and his men. Shame on arsenal - when Henry came on he looked like a lost sheep:tongue:
  2. Terry Active Member

    Get in their Manu! Arsenal played well for the first 15-20mins then we out played them. Rooney was amazing as always.
  3. Hillhutter New Member

    stupid question?

    this may be stupid to many of you out there but did anyone go to are see the tyrone and mayo match? :D
  4. bharalanga Member

    what the hell are you trying to say? speak english please:blow:
  5. Hillhutter New Member

    you frigging speak english! it is a simple question! :chair: did anyone watch the TYRONE AND MAYO GAELIC FOOTBALL MATCH YESTERDAY?!! u dumb?! if you dont know about irish football you could have just said so instead of being so ignorant! P I G!!!! :mfinger:
  6. bharalanga Member

    mate this thread is about the premiership title race not some sodding irish football game
  7. Hillhutter New Member

    catch yourself on 'MATE'!!! this section is the sports end and i didnt want to replace this thread cause people were still replying to 'title race'. that's why i put on a new title! if you weren't so thick maybe you would have noticed that! :eek: its nat all about your friggen english/foreign soccer ****e! gaelic is every bit as important as soccer is. i only support man u n celtic and after that i couldn't give a toss. if you don't know wat i am going on about in future, just shut up then cause i couldn't be bothered wasting my time replying to you. understand?!?!?!?! is that clear enough for you or is it too much to take in all in one go?!
  8. bharalanga Member

    too much writing
  9. Hillhutter New Member

    was thinking that would be too much for you.

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