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Turn any iPod into an iPod Shuffle, In 3 easy steps

Discussion in 'Jokes & Funny Stuff' started by Admin, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Admin Administrator

    The marketing guys over at Apple seem to be really pumping up the "never know whats gonna play next" randomness of the new iPod Shuffle. Since they are promoting this feature so much, saying things like "Daily gridlock feels less mundane when you don’t know what song will play next," I thought I'd put up my guide on how to give any regular iPod the cool new feature of the iPod Shuffle.

    1. Get a Post-It note
    2. Get your iPod
    3. Put the Post-It note on the iPod

    Now you can enjoy the iPod Shuffle's cool new feature without having to go buy a new player. Enjoy!

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