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Unlock A Nokia 3310

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by MobileMania, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. MobileMania New Member

    Can anyone explain to me how to unlock a nokia 3310 i know you need a data cable which i have...but can you tell me all the prgrams i need and wot to do...:bigsmile:

    I would be very grateful and i will try and help u as much as i can in the future...

    Thanx Alot

  2. vegeta Active Member

    jus download eepromtoolz link the cable to the fone and the pc switch the fone on click on clear sp locks and thats it
  3. Orangefre@k In Moderation

  4. MobileMania New Member

    do i click set default SP locks
  5. MobileMania New Member

    Rite i have connected my fone to my pc and opened eeprom tools...then i clicked set default SP Locks and when i did that it came up wiv IMEI number and all tht but has not unlocked my fone.

    Is there anything else i have to do?

    Grateful for the help:bouncy:

    [Edited on 7-7-2003 by MobileMania]
  6. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    You'll have to try by putting different sim cards in.
  7. MobileMania New Member

    is hasnt worked...is there anythign else i have to do?
  8. MobileMania New Member

    any1 please
  9. Orangefre@k In Moderation

  10. MobileMania New Member

    first time i tried putting in a vodafone sim card...and it didnt work...but now wen i put in my 02 sim card it says sim card not accepted...but wen i put the sim card in my other fone it works fine....What can be the problem?
  11. pooley New Member

    i got a data cable 2 day 2 unlock a 3310 but it wont work on me fone.
  12. jenkinsalun New Member

    wots that do orange fre@k?
  13. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    Another nokia unlocker
  14. MobileMania New Member

  15. Darktone Supervisor

    what a fncker!
  16. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    Did you do a virus check? I never used the programs, just linked to them. Sorry.
  17. MobileMania New Member

    I checked and did not have virus but its ok m8...doesnt matter only a fone init...life goes on
  18. SchrodingersCat New Member

    fuck them programs. And eeprom tools. I allways hated that buggy program. Use nokia rolis tool. Click on "open all" under the locks part. Bingo: a fully unlocked phone.
  19. SchrodingersCat New Member

    ps: you will need to click on the little beetle button first for the program to find the phone, and then on the notepad icon on the left for it to read all the info from the phone.Then press the unlock button. Use google to find the program. :)
  20. lancaster The Spawn of Innovation.

    can i hav a link to nokia rolis

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