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Unlocking Software

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by swansea.hitman, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. swansea.hitman New Member

    I downloaded the Eprom Tools from B-Preaks website and I dont no how to Unlock my 3310.I plug in the Data Cable then do I press the Pad Lock?
    Then my 3310 should Restart and I should switch it off and onn and then it will be Unlocked?

    Do I click on the Padlock or what?

    Please Reply Back.

    See Ya!
  2. leeboing New Member

    you do the PTK code. do u know it?
  3. leeboing New Member

    THE PTK CODE IS 3370#
  4. swansea.hitman New Member

    So I click on the Pad Lock, then I put the 3360# then my 3310 will Restart then I have to Switch it off and then on again? I thought all you ahd to do is just click on the Padlock, theres isnt a Code isit. DJ Rudneess would no, hes an expert.

    Reply back DJ.

    See Ya!
  5. Dj_rudeness New Member

    i know im an expert!!!!!!!!!! well id tell u but u blocked me on msn for being a complete tosser wen i tried to help
  6. swansea.hitman New Member

    But i fixed it by myself. Thanks ye.I'll Unblock you on MSN, just add me again and i'll Unblock you ok DJ. Sorry! :(

    Do you click on the Pad Lock, then the Mobile Phone will Restart and you have to switch it off and then on and then it will be Unlocked so you can put any Sim into it?

    Please, Dj Rudeness.

    Reply Back.

    See Ya!
  7. Dj_rudeness New Member

    u click the padlock and it resets itself if it has worked properly
  8. swansea.hitman New Member

    Ok thansk Dj. I'm sorry for bepfre ok. So I Connect my Phone, Com1, then I click on the PADLOCK and my Phone should Restart.Then do I switch my phone Off and Onn again? Then it will be Unlocked so I can put any im in there? Is there a Chnace I could Fuck Up my Phone completely? My Friend wants to Unlock his Phone and I want to Unlock it for him usuing that Program, but I'm scared it might FUCK UP his Mobile Phone and I will have to Pay for it? I got the Program from another Website off a Friend, is that ok? it is the same Program though.

    Reply Back.


    See Ya!
  9. Unikk New Member

    hi swansea.hitman

    You can use Nokia Tool v1.8 by Rolis or Nokia Tool by Jordik if your not sure in B-Phreaks EEPROM Tools, just read phone from Nokia Tool v1.8 or Nokia Tool by Jordik and click Clear SP Locks then restart phone/reset SW phone with no hassle. Your 3310 now is unlock.

  10. sosolidnix New Member

    you click on the padlock and it shud restart afta restartin if u dont get reception u click on the magnifyin glass!
  11. sloppy New Member

    Simple instructions don't mix very well with simple minds,

  12. Silentscorn New Member

    if u r a bit scared of doing this why dont u read his phone with lpt flash leads, then if his phone fucks up during unlocking u just reflash his phone with the software u took from his phone when u read it.

    I have had no problems with it (eporom tools) u sometimes get error MSID error or something, but click mag glass make sure it reads phone, then unlock.
  13. sosolidnix New Member

    Yeh u have to Update FAID then unlock it with padlock then Update FAID Agen.
  14. Andispike1 New Member

  15. gelbaby143 New Member

    If you have an mbus cable, you may use that software [bphreak] or any nokia mbus tool, either by jordik or rollis. :)
    Just click the "clear sp locks" button! :)

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