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Unlocking Via IMEI

Discussion in 'Mobile Unlocking' started by AceJ, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. AceJ New Member

    Who in this forum can unlock via the IMEI and how is it done?
  2. takt29 New Member

    ye i can

    you need a dongle and software

    the software won`t work without the dongle
  3. skiddaire New Member

    wtf is a dongle? =/
  4. gelbaby143 New Member

    a dongle is something that you insert in the ports of your computer so as to use it as a flasher or unlocker or in the dct4 calculator's term, it is used as a protection... it is like a password that the program looks for... :)
  5. skiddaire New Member

    ohhh righhhtttt.... thanks for telling me... i still dont have a clue...*shrugs*..but yeah...
  6. SchrodingersCat New Member

    why didnt anyone come around to making a "dongle emulator",if there is such a thing? or am i just stupid..... is the schematic for one complicated? much pic programming used?:(:puzzled:
  7. -Rich- New Member

    i still dont realy get wat it is can some put it in super lamo terms 4 me so i understand :):):)

    forgot to say is it hardware or software ?? and can some1 get a pic

    [Edited on 25-3-2003 by -Rich-]
  8. takt29 New Member

    the dongle is a plug that you plug into your printer port

    the dongle is what generates the unlock code provided from the information that you type into the software on the computer
  9. -Rich- New Member

    so does it just act like a phone is there then or something like that and where can u buy1 / how much does it cost ??
  10. fearx New Member

    i think there bout 80 quid but sum sites try to rip u off. i think takt29 was sold one for 80 not sure
  11. takt29 New Member

    you can get the newest version for £90

    or you could get the clip that looks like the nokia 3410 thst unlocks all dct3/4 and new sonyericssons for about £250 (which is what i`ve got as well as a dongle
  12. -Rich- New Member

    ok dct3/4 is that just nokia i cant rember
  13. takt29 New Member

    dct3/4 is all nokias except 7650 and 3650
  14. takt29 New Member

    oh just remembered the nokia3410 clip doe`s dct3/4/5
  15. sweetkuriuk New Member

    so wht site can u buy this off?
  16. takt29 New Member

    email this chap sales@aboveconnection.co.uk

    tell him takt29 referred ya

    he`s ya best option other sites charge £150 for the dct4 calc
  17. sweetkuriuk New Member

    cheers takt how much did u pay for it ?
  18. vegeta Active Member

    wat are them two fones if they not dct4?
  19. fearx New Member

    there dct-5 i think
  20. yoyo New Member

    yep as above

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