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west yorks

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gangsta013, Sep 6, 2003.

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  1. gangsta013 New Member

    sup people is there eny1 here 4from wyorkshire?
  2. manish Active Member

    me im from leeds
  3. debz New Member

    im from wakefield the sh!tty dump!
  4. woody2 New Member

    im from hudds!
  5. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    Welcome gangsta013.
  6. katzinthehouse New Member

    welcome, and im from west yorkshire- Batley to be precise. where bouts r u from
  7. Area52 Active Member

    hello and welcome to smsmasters, hope you enjoy your stay here, im from sunny old leeds, like manish.
  8. @ area, do us a favour m8, beat the shit outa manish, cant b bothered 2 travel all the way up2 leeds!
  9. morph New Member

    nottingham :bigsmile:
  10. Area52 Active Member

    lol - not many people like manish, dont get me involved with it. just do as i do, avoid him, BTW he isnt a big gangster, he is from a posh part of leeds unlike me :)
  11. Darktone Supervisor

    welcome mate
  12. manish Active Member

    mahammerhead please shut up and wreak the guys topic that he opened
  13. manish Active Member

    ^i ment stop wreaking his thread
  14. wreak??? learn 2 spell. its 'wreck'
  15. manish Active Member

    also area what do u mean by not many people like me??? its jus that i dont like pk's as they mess the world up
  16. pk's??
  17. manish Active Member

    i dont really care how its spelt! i passed my english so i dont care
  18. how did u pass ur english if u cant even spell properly, retarded twat
  19. manish Active Member

    coz i fluked it but i passed. you pk's cause too much trouble
  20. vegeta Active Member


    katz i thought u sed u were from manchester in one of the thredz?
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