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What phone should i get

Discussion in 'Mobile General' started by Epsos, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Epsos live each day as it comes

    hey everyone how are wel all doing?

    orange kept ringing me the other day saying your ready for upgrade so i went to the orange shop to sort it out n they said end of this month.

    today i rang up 2 check when i could they said whenevr if i do it now i have to pay 50 pound if i wait till may i get it free but im not fussed

    i have a d500 at current

    was wondering what the best phone to get would be

    i was looking at the nokia n70 as i want to put sat nav tom tom on it for when i get a car!

    or is there any better symbian phones?

    thankyou for your help and advice

  2. Dan New Member

    i like the sony erricson k700i just got it its a good phone but the nokia n70 is a decent phone too it's upto you mate. hope your keeping well dont see you as much anymore.
  3. Ianw06 WANTS TO BE A MOD ???

    Go for the n70 Epos mate i'm using 1 at the mo and its better than i thought it would be
  4. Epsos live each day as it comes

    is it better than the nokia 6680 cus im looking at that aswell i dnt know the difference between the two

    danfx i just been really busy in life recently not had time and noone ever remembers im here any how
  5. Terry Active Member

    Get the Nokia 6630, class phone!
  6. Epsos live each day as it comes

    i want one of the latest phones out matey lol

    i want to be able to put tom tom on it so that symbian phones i jus need to know which is better 6680 or n70 and what your views on both are

    and plus i had a 6630 for a short time before n didnt like it as much as my 6600
  7. Terry Active Member

    Get the 6680 then.
  8. Ianw06 WANTS TO BE A MOD ???

    nokia N91 thats the b ollocks to mate just got one today

    as i got a friend who is doing some work for nokia got 6 new models to trie out
  9. Epsos live each day as it comes

    is the 6680 better than the n70 cus i never been on a 6680 only heard the mp3 player n it dnt sound as good as the n70 i just want opinions on which is better thankyou for all yoru advice so fasr
  10. Ianw06 WANTS TO BE A MOD ???

    The new nok 8800 the slide one thats sexy to got me one just stick with what you want after all you got to carry it round everywhere i just cant decide so i test all the new ones for free then get to keep them but only as i have got a mate in the trade..
  11. Epsos live each day as it comes

    o kool lol

    yeah but my prob is i like both of them th 6680 and the n70 jkus wondering which one is better
  12. Ianw06 WANTS TO BE A MOD ???

    I would personally say the n70 mate but its all on you...?
  13. Terry Active Member

    I personally think the N Series is a load of bollocks.
  14. Ianw06 WANTS TO BE A MOD ???

    Dude eggs i could say the moon is white but you would swear its green just disagree with every post i put in....i have got everyone of the new n-series phones in front of me and theres nothing s hit about them at all
  15. Epsos live each day as it comes

    your well confusing me now:confused: lol

    one says n series is s hit other says its good whats the difference betwen the n70 and the 6680????
  16. Terry Active Member

    Nothing except the 6680 looks sooooo much better.
  17. Epsos live each day as it comes

    in what way?

    is the sound quality any good on it cus im alway slistenin to mp3s basicaly
  18. Terry Active Member

    Go to ur local orange shop and play with them both cus they should have working ones on display.
  19. Epsos live each day as it comes

    im going to tomo i think or sat so i let you knwo what i do al i need now is 50 pounds lol
  20. Dan New Member

    i'll give it you epsos im feeling rich lol kiddin

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