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what type of laptop would you have

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Epsos, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. Epsos live each day as it comes

    okay here where it gets exciting not i get my exam results in a week and my dad says he would get me a decent laptop for collage what kind ov laptop would you have are apple laptops any good what would you have? show me some links and pics lol
  2. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

  3. Terry Active Member

  4. Sephiroth New Member

    ok mate i work for HP and for my work they brrought me an nx8220, if want somthing powerfull you can take it....

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  5. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

  6. Terry Active Member

    Yeah the XPS one. My uncles mate has one and its mint.
  7. Epsos live each day as it comes

    take it what you mean like selling it me?

    ermm i have a dell desktop so i will proberly go for one of them as they are well built i have had my dell 3 years nearly this xmxas and it still works like knew yeah i may have wiped it clean 7-10 times but the hardware cant fault

    im looking for a laptop cus i want to go sit in cafe nero or starbucks using wifi lol i think its awesome i saw this guy on ebay in mcdonalds lol

    also cus then im not stuck in my room all the time and i can get out if you get me and plus i loved my old one :cool:
  8. Matty New Member

    Look yourself, but don't buy unless it has Wi-Fi, 512Mb RAM and at least 2Ghz of processing speed.

    Remember, if someones buying you this, there are no cost limits... ;)

    And Sephiroth, I'm slightly interested in that HP myself, PM me if it's still available... :)
  9. Epsos live each day as it comes

    thats all i wanted lol is someone to tell me a decent specification that was not to expensive with wifi lol

    i dont know where to look cus i have been looking at acer and aparetnly they aint that good
  10. Matty New Member

    You said you've had a Dell before, it may be easier to stick with them.

    That way you know little things like how to handle their customer service, how long things really take etc.

    I've got a Dell Dimension downstairs, and I've never had any problems with it, judging from that experience I'd say Dell were a good comapny to stick with, but of course if you have other thoughts, look elsewhere.
  11. jenkinsalun New Member

    Personally I'd go for an apple iBook but thats my personal preference, I was going to buy a laptop but I'm going for a mac mini instead to make the move away from windoze mainly... and to save some space lol! You can't really go wrong with an iBook, they are pretty powerful machines, the only problem you could really have is windows compatability.

    eh? I didn't know I had wifi at work lol
  12. Epsos live each day as it comes


    lol seriously it may only be in some macdonald spots lol but i swear he was on ebay lol
  13. Matt Soopa Doopa Moderator

    Yeh some do now I've heard.
  14. Epsos live each day as it comes

    uyeah most train stations air ports most public places thats how big its actually getting thats why im not missig out lol
  15. jenkinsalun New Member

    lol well I know for sure its not in the mcdonalds I work at lol! I know starbucks have it and theres a T-mobile wifi hotspot thingy outside the texaco garage.... lol handy I suppose, if I were buying a laptop I'd make sure it had wifi - its the new thing isn't it! lol
  16. Sephiroth New Member

    ok mate i work for hp, tell mejust wat you wana, i'll take care to give a ressler near to your hometown, or contact if you wana...see ya
  17. Matty New Member

    So you think you could get me a laptop cheaper than RRP? Or for free? Sorry I don't quite understand :confused: Why don't you PM/e-mail me so we don't flood the topic. :)
  18. djmonsi New Member

    go for toshiba. its a classic laptop.
  19. Epsos live each day as it comes

    thats what my dad was saying to me he sayshis toshiba laptop which he had about 10 years ago was his best laptop well built i may consider that make then cheers

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