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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by neverperfect, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. neverperfect New Member

    Is it just me or has the chit chat section been swapped with the jokes ection then the jokes section swapped with the suggestion section? oh my word its all confusing lol
  2. Admin Administrator

    no...its hasnt been swapped. get some sleep ur seeing things mate: :lol:
  3. neverperfect New Member

    yeah it has, you swapped stuff round when you were changing the layout so there.... (#(><) ')
  4. Admin Administrator

    i dont recall that!! :lol:
  5. neverperfect New Member

    yeah you did change the forum layout just look at it is different maybe by not much but it is
  6. Phoenix ٠ вåřьẻŗ ٠

    i didnt notcie nyfing

    [Edited on 19-7-2002 by admin]
  7. neverperfect New Member

    i certianly do

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