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Who do you want you club to sign ?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by neeraj, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. neeraj New Member

    ok though i start a thread askin fans of football club who they like to see in there team shirt and why only reasonable tranfer (e.g. carrick to man utd not henry to WBA)

    i a man utd fan i would like to see mascherano and riquelme also if needed a striker i would say torrers reason for all are young also very talent as seen at this year world cup only promblem is if they can cope in english league and the cost now they been seen at the world cup
  2. scott.herring Active Member

    I want Arsenal to sign Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid....
  3. Terry Active Member

    I wouldn't mind Man Utd to sign Riquelme. Looks like we might be signing Fernando Torres and Michael Carrick though.
  4. neeraj New Member

    that not bad 3 out of 2 just bit worryed bout not havin that person in middfeild who can tackle i know carrick holding but he tackling not the best he good passes but riquelme amazing wish we got him b4 world cup could save alot of money same with torres i think both will be 20+ now
  5. Jonesy New Member

    Anyone thats decent will do for us...
  6. neeraj New Member

    jonesy who your team
  7. Dan New Member

    Id like to see carrick go to manchester united. up his career abit, not saying he'll do well though!!

    Id like to see fernando torres at arsenal that's where he belongs.

    Also would love barnsley to make a good signing for there championship season this year :)
  8. Jonesy New Member

    No comment... :rolleyes: ;)
  9. neeraj New Member

    guessin as u from derby it them
  10. Terry Active Member

    I don't see that happening to be honest. He will either stay where he is or come to United.
  11. neeraj New Member

    i agree with blade henery n torres wont wont work both wanna do the same score 20+ goals you need that striker to go deep eg rooney
  12. sebkone New Member

    happy henry keep in arsenal.
    i'm french but i love arsenal. best regards
  13. sebkone New Member

    ribery (french player) stop to marseille and go to lyon.

    very nice player, see him wensday vs portugal.
  14. Dan New Member

    manchester united wont get fernando torres not a chance in hell they can't afford the £41 million pound's that's been asked to get him. where as arsenal they could get him yes, he would be a top signing and him & henry are capable of getting 20+ goals a season. plus i heard fernando torres wants to b where his friends is, fabregas, reyes :) where as if he went to man utd alex ferguson would just ruin his carrerr probally throw a boot at his head probally drop him to the bench for no reason, trust me he isnt man utd material
  15. neeraj New Member

    ok dan erm even though u support arsenal how did you work that out man utd have alot more money to spend there aresenal all your money gone on spending on you stadium
  16. KuleX New Member

    Man Utd are in a HORRENDOUS amount of debt due in part to the Glazers where as Arsenal are only in debt due to the Stadium which is actually being handled very well. Arsenal have a lot of money for transfers without the money that Juve still owe them for Vieira. Man Utd can muster up the money but I doubt they'd spend 40M for Torres since they spent 30M on Rooney, perhaps they could fund the deal with the sale of CRonaldo.
  17. neeraj New Member

    how do you get man utd are in debt there not as much people think read the statments from owners fergie will have ulimtied tranfer budget ok i dont think he will but to say that in a offical statment you gotta have money to spend and where people gettin 40mil for torres i mean henry was only goin for about 30
  18. KuleX New Member

    When the Glazers took over they did so with an enormous amount of debt. If the owners are in debt then so is the team. Fergie's transfer budget is comprised almost entirely of borrowed money, money they don't have. They can make it back but they don't have it.
  19. Dan New Member

    Yes its true man utd are in big debt. Plus who care's there just a club going down hill as far as chelsea are concerned ;)

    Plus arsenal might be signing the italian goalkeeper, buffon for £15 million
  20. neeraj New Member

    i pretty sure that buffon will not go for 15 mil even if juve get relagated i mean they brought him 4 30mil and now he alot better but it pretty funny readin about Seria A and man utd can spend the money i mean they still the biggest club in uk and 2nd in the world the money they make every year will pay tranfer funds plus more

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