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who do you want your team 2 sign

Discussion in 'Sports' started by neeraj, May 21, 2007.

  1. neeraj New Member

    i cant c Chelsea winning season just because when African nation are on you are ***ed. and lettin rudd go been good for both side we played so much better it just like more flow to our game we can lose that we unstoppable when we like that we need some body who fit in perfect
  2. JAMESMARSH1980 New Member

    Have to agree with that, obi,and drogba will be a big miss next season, we did play a lot better without ruud but would still like a poacher to stck the ball in the onion bag, we cant rely on rooney and ronaldo next season.
  3. neeraj New Member

    but if we get that type of player again it b more like a 4 4 1 1 where there a gap between the midfield and striker with the team now as it is it like closer and more flow to go with it i mean look at 7-1 against roma the way we played in that match wouldnt happened if rudd was playin but we need a striker then there no weakness and the squad will b strong
  4. neeraj New Member

    and saha out till november so now we cant sell him useless fool
  5. stevelondon20 Member

    we have 2 new strikers, so its all good. And alex is comin back to us, we have also signed sidwell, and some young lad from oldham who is a great prospect. We are gonna be firing on all cylinders

    hope arsenal sign tevez
  7. neeraj New Member

    dnt fink u gt tevez now he gonna b with us we gonna b unstoppable next yr i cant really see a weakness now

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