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Who's going through this week in the champions league?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by biggad, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Dan New Member

    Hope so jonesy really hope so, because real madrid are goin to fight like mad tonight its going to be abit scrappy i think but i can see it been 1-1 or maybe even 2-2 or 3-2 to arsenal im hoping.
  2. Dan New Member

    sad to see liverpool out, but now we are the only english team left in the champions league so it would be fantastic to see us go and win it i really hope we do because we deserve it
  3. Terry Active Member

    As if you will win it lol Especially with the likes of AC Milan and Barcelona. It will be them 2 in the final, you watch ;)
  4. Dan New Member

    what makes you think we wont win it? we could get lucky just like liverpool who knows? we are 2nd favorites to win it barcelona first but they cud have an off game who knows?
  5. Jonesy New Member

    Danfx, you have no chance... If it wasnt thanks to henry in the first leg, you would of been out by now.
  6. Dan New Member

    No we had them played all over the field if we didnt have henry we might of still won it, van persie, reyes, bergkamp could of scored that goal who knows.

    theres still another champions league game to be played isnt there? Inter Milan V Ajax its on tuesday
  7. biggad New Member

    Ha ha the dippers are out. Well done Arsenal but i don't think you've got any chance of winning it. It'll be Juventus or Barca

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