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Women 'deserve' to be raped

Discussion in 'Real World Issues' started by Squibalicious, Nov 22, 2005.


Do women deserve to be raped because of thier choice of clothing?

Poll closed Nov 29, 2005.
Yes 4 vote(s) 21.1%
No 15 vote(s) 78.9%
  1. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    Its friday night..... us ladies decide to go out with the girls.
    We have a shower, shave/wax our legs e.t.c. Get the skimpiest, sexiest pulling outfit we have and put it on (gotta impress the fit single lads ;)), put our war paint on, spray the purfume and have one long hard look in the mirror and think 'damn i look hot, guys will be falling at my feet' lol.... and blow ourselves a kiss.
    We get to the club (after the pub crawl), stand outside freezing our tits off, waiting to get in.
    We do, have a few drinks, feel a bit dodgy and decide (after assesing the talent, they are either have a gf or are gay lol) its time to go home. Mates want to stay, you have no money for a cab and so its just you alone to walk in the dark.
    You get outside, feel worse than you did inside...... and on the way home, you are beaten and raped........
    But its 'your fault' now according to the ****ing government.
    Does this sound fair???

    I think not. Looks like it back to frumpy clothing girls...... otherwise in time, if we get raped because our skirts were too short, its o.k because we led the guy on and it wasn't his fault........

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4453820.stm << very relevant link

    Grrrrrr I am soooooo ****ing angry with that.
    So people what are your opinions?
  2. cathyquigley New Member

    its a disgrace. noone deserves to be raped no matter who they are, even if she is some hard-faced 'sl ag' wearing next to nothing. it doesnt mean its ok to ignore her when she says NO. noone is being forced to look at her or what clothes shes wearing.
  3. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    I hate life, where we live it was always ballycolman the dangerous place to be at night. Trust me i know. Its something you dont want to remember when either you get raped or nearly raped.
  4. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    In no way do i agree with this, but its very difficult to not take interest in provacative clothing.

    99% disagree, 1% agree.
  5. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    Oh the government are just trying to push the blame when really they're just hiding the fact they have no control anymore. No one deserves to be raped but i will say that women in general should be more aware and cautious when going out. I certainly am, i won't put my drink down and i've recently watched how much i drink as i know i used to binge drink. Ive been quite fortunate to not have anything serious happen to me. But it certainly does not mean it is our fault, there shouldn't be people evil enough to perform such acts on defenseless women especially if they're in a drunken state.
  6. Epsos live each day as it comes

    this is the biggest pile of dog turd i have ever ****ing heard noone in the whole ****ing word deserves to be raped even if its your worse enemy they dont deserve anything and for ladies that get raped no offence but mainly males are the stronger sex and its stupif the goverment saying that it is there fault when more or likely it wont girls like ot look good to impress us lads which they do lads have no right to force them selves on them that is wrong and the goverment is totally wrong
  7. mudshark Member

    its not the goverment saying that, its amnesty international,no one deserves to be raped and if found guilty, they should have their nuts chopped off, and a woman who shouts rape to get attention and money off for example a footballer or any innocent man, shohld be jailed
  8. scott.herring Active Member

    NOOOOOO, nobody deserves to be raped BUT i assume it is often the clothing that will be a major part in why they get raped!! It may be fair to say the person has brought attention amongst themselves by the way they act/dress but they still would not deserve to be raped......
  9. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    Trust me that doesnt work. The court would find your lien at some point. :D Trust me i know. 100%. And if the innocent is found not guilty the one that brought him to court has to pay the innocent:punk:
  10. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    Moved to real life issues
  11. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    I hate it when women cry rape but are lying. My sister has done that and I beat the bloke up, but it was a lie and I felt bad :(
    She lost respect from me for that. She is a blatent attention seeker.
    and its also womens insecurities that make them dress up. You get fellas saying 'oh.... that one out of the pussycat dolls is well fit, i'd do her e.t.c' and she is wearing make up, is probably airbrushed and wears skimpy clothing. So because of the way men perceive beauty, we feel thats how we have to be to be noticed.
    A true man, thinks the women he loves is beautiful whatever. Like my fella, I think I look like vicki pollard ona bad day some mornings but my partner still thinks i'm beautiful and I can see it in his eyes :)
  12. Sephiroth New Member

    women always need to do her mecanical cheking so, evrytime you see a women wearing things wish are impressive, that means that she need to show those things to men, then when she is raped then she turn to crying and bla bla bla ...
    if women wants to be in safaty, why do not find a one man who will take care of all her needs, then they are married and we can call it a relationship, if you deserve sex sex sex sex, do it like animals, they don't wear anything and do it at anytime at anyplace....
    yah that's true we live in jungle...then we are animals indeed....
    but there is another choices in life, you can live like human
  13. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    ^I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

    Realistically if a girl wants to dress up nice when she goes out then thats her choice. I don't see how its got anything to do with what you wear. You could be dressed down after a night sat at a friends house and then get raped on the way home. Its being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Saying that. If you wake up next to a man after a night out on the sauce and you can't remember....what is it?
  14. Sephiroth New Member

    you know human are just liers, when talking about a raped girl they say that she didn't want that to happen to her etc......
    yeah criminels exists, people must be aware of all this fock arround the world, and rapers exists on earth since tousands of years....
    but why do a women wants to dress like a biatch ???? because somehow she is a true biatch ... or she wants to be like that just a biatch, then she earn wat she want's, she will be treaten like a biatch ...
  15. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    How does a girl dress like a "Biatch" what an awful word.

    Just because she can wear nice clothes shouldn't mean should be referenced as a "Biatch"

    No one earns getting raped nor being treated that way if she does wrong someone, its just no deserved in any circumstance.

    I seriously can't agree with you and your view on the matter is rather disguisting.
  16. Sephiroth New Member

    yeah perhaps you can disagree, but i don't think my view is disgusting that's only truth and people don't like truth lol....if the pervertion disapear from this earth you can wear nothing and do anything you want without any cloths, knowing that men are after girls, the women just wear what draw there attention, and this life style is the mean reason for the growt of pervertion in the wolrd (tv media etc.....), there is no more respects between people, and women who do love with more than one man is just a like biatch, and all the biatches of the wold deserve to be raped.
    if we are not able to control our desire, we shall call our selves animals indeed...
    you know i didn't come from neptune or mars, i'm on earth and i have seen and experienced many many things in this life, but let me tell you that i had my place among the most great focker on earth, a devil CV.....so i know what i'm talking about...hey but don't worry i'm not a monster.
    Don't try to blame me for my telling, that's just my opinion according to my life experience, if you have an oposite idea then do it but don't cry when you regret it...I have seen many girls and women crying for price they pay for her acts....
    see ya
  17. csin01 New Member

    i think they should bring out a better punishment for it, like chop the person d ick off if they rape someone. they do this in other countries and the rate of rapes that happen in sudia arabia is 1 rape a year
  18. asifliv New Member

    I remember one of my mates who slept with a girl both consented to as well be he got arrested next day for rape because the biatch decided so.

    case is still going on.

    For us lads it is hard, cuz if a girl mentions she was raped when she wasnt then us dudes are ****ed lol.
  19. cathyquigley New Member

    Orangefre@k, Santa Claus, Sephiroth how can you say YES to that question?!

    Aye, like if us girls all dressed in wooly jumpers there'd be no rape!
    HOW the f ck is it OUR fault just cos of what we wear! Why should there be consequences to dressing provocatively? I dont dress up to attract men. I dress up to FEEL GOOD like most girls and so what if girls dress like $luts to attract your attention? You don't like her - don't give her any attention. SIMPLE AS!
    why the f ck should she get raped cos of it!
    oh and i suppose its like it's a woman's fault she got raped if she walked home alone too i suppose?! Why shouldn't we be able to walk whereever the f ck we want? eh girls????? :mad:
  20. LuckyNats ~ѕмѕмαѕтєяѕ ¢нαттєя вσχ~

    Let me tell every single male in this forum, its not nice having to be raped OR NEARLY RAPED

    I cant even walk anywhere anymore because its dangerous. Im afraid. And i dress proper. I dont go around wearing mini skirts etc bla.

    does the fault also accure to grannys or mid 30 women. Let me tell you something. Strabane is like that.

    so dont say its our faults.:mad:

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