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World Cup 2006 Draw

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dan, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Dan New Member

    Nice draw for england we have got to get through that it shudnt be hard i hope not anyways. Wayne rooney will win us this world cup :)

    Costa Rica

    Trinidad & Tobago

    Ivory Coast
    Serbia & Montenegro


    Czech Republic


    South Korea

    Saudi Arabia
  2. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    Wanyne rooney wont.... the team will.
    I wish people wouldn't pick out one player when it takes the whole team.
    Can you see him trying to defend and attack against 11 players soley?? I think not
  3. Terry Active Member

    It may be the team but take Euro 2004 for example.....we were doing well when we had Rooney but then when he got injured we did sh|t.
  4. chocice New Member

    Well atleast we got a good group so hopefully it will be a good world cup!!
  5. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    That means nothing. It probably went that way because they lost their morale.
    They may have lost confidence and therefore played badly.
  6. Terry Active Member

    Rooneys a born goal scorer. Without him we won't score many goals. And you need goals to win matches and progress in the tournament....therefore we will be sh|t without him.
  7. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    whatever tez.... *rolls eyes*
  8. Terry Active Member

    You know im right.
  9. Jonesy New Member

    Tez is right, Rooney will be the key me thinks, along with gerrard and lampard.

    As long as they do alrite, we will be fine, we will go out in the quarters..... :(
  10. Dan New Member

    depending on how we play in the world cup if it was like euro 2004 then rooney would be the man to rely on...he is exellent! but it will be the whole team that does it for us this time lampard has got better, gerrard too there all decent dont see why we cant win this.
  11. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    No Tez... I dont think your right at all. Rooney hasn't been around that long, england did fine without him before. He will not be the key at all, if Rooney and Owen worked together, they'd be a gr8 team. Gerrard and lampard and beckham (on his good days) also will help.... they need to be a team end of or it wont work.
  12. Terry Active Member

    Owens sh|t. Rooney is our best forward and he can get goals on his own without the help of other forwards. Gerrard is crap too. Lampards ok when he wants to be and Beckham is only good at the long diagonal balls. Without Rooney we'd be sh|t, end of.
  13. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    Whatever Tez... and Gerrard certainly is not s hit.
  14. KuleX New Member

    Next year's world cup is England's strongest chance of winning it provided that key players aren't injured. England certainly have some good depth in their squad with Kirkland and Robinson in goal. The defence is looking stronger than ever Ferdinand, Terry, Campbell, Carragher, Neville, Cole, Young and if it were up to me Upson or Konchesky, hopefully Sven doesn't make the huge mistake of bringing Bridge or Glen Johnson along as those two have no right wearing an England shirt their performances for both club and country have given sufficient evidence to that.

    The midfield looks mighty pretty with world class players like Lampard and Gerard with good backup in the form of Parker, Jenas and Carrick maybe Smith. Wingers in the form of Beckham, SWP and Joe Cole, this is one of the places where England are hurting at the moment though an appearance from Downing can only provide good things. I'd prefer to see Cole and SWP start on wings and no Becks, whilst he may be able to run up and down the wing and provide some slick crosses he doesn't have the attacking flair that SWP possesses. I feel Becks should only really be put on the pitch if we have a good 2 goal lead that needs defending and God forbid that Hargreaves makes it onto the team sheet.

    England posess three class strikers in Owen, Rooney and Defoe. Defoe may not be as spectacular as the other but he still has a brilliant shot on him. Rooney is Rooney, provided he doesn't get hurt or lose his temper he'll be solid gold. And Owen is not faeces and can still put 'em away something he has proved for Liverpool, Madrid and England, he will undoubtedly pull out all the stops when he's got his England shirt on. Outside of those three the only real backups England have are Bent, Vassell and Johnson. Bent has shown he has the ability and hopefully he can develop over the second half of the EPL season. Vassell is a bit of a hit and miss since he does fair a lot better when he's partnered with Cole down at Man City and his England performances haven't been the best, though I still believe he has some quality in him. Johnson has hurt himself by staying with Palace and needs to be shifted in January to the Premiership if he wants any place in the England squad. He may not have the prettiest finishing skills since a majority of his goals last season came from on the spot, but the scrappy striker certainly works hard on the field. His spot kick record should ensure he gets put ahead of Becks in penalty taking.

    Crouch, I reckon is a very good player though is record may not prove so. If people stop playing the ball to his head often and realise that if they play the ball along the floor he can do a good job. Watching him play you can see he's always in fairly good attacking positions and killer pass from midfield can put him in several scoring opportunites. Alas, his team mates are blinded by the height and play the ball to his head when the better option would be along the floor. Crouch has also shown he's fairly decent at supplying the ball to others and I suppose and continuous appearances for L'Pool will only do him good as a player.

    An outside possibility of getting onto the England team: Emile Heskey.
  15. Dan New Member

    god i cant be botherd to read all that god you can type eh
  16. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    copy and paste ;)
  17. anz New Member

    Rooney is a good player but the team shoulden't rely on him. You have to remember he is only 20. What if he got injured again? Foot ball is a team game not just for one man.
  18. Dan New Member

    It'll not be just rooney that wins us the world cup it will be all the team, we have a great team and i dont see why we cant win the worldcup.
  19. anz New Member

    Exactly, I agree.
  20. Squibalicious ~ROAR~

    hooray people are agreeing with me finally :D

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