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World Cup Qualifier home nation scores

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Orangefre@k, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    England 4 - 0 N.Ireland
    Austria 2 - 0 Wales

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  2. daNi-L Extraordinary Girl

    England played suprisingly well, player of the day joe cole!!! Frank lampard played well, and i think owen embarressed himself trying to claim an own goal. Rooney done well too, seemed to be back on form, not his violent self. Beckham made a lovely attempt on a free kick, just love how he curves the ball! I feel sorry for northern ireland, there defense was good during the first half, but i knew something amazing would happen, and it did, in 7 minutes! Overall quality! Felt proud walking around in my new england shirt :D
  3. adzlotus V i P Member

    same here i got the new england shirt! we did really well today but joe cole was just amazing!
  4. Jonesy New Member

    Yes joe cole palyed well today down the wing, i hate that healy!! :rifle:

    Could of been 6, or 7......

    Im getting the new shirt on tuesday, i will also feel well proud! :D
  5. Terry Active Member

    I got my new shirt the day it came out :D
  6. Jonesy New Member

    I have to wait, cause i have no money at the mo, oh well it will be worth the wait! :cool:
  7. Dan New Member

    Good game between england it was obvious england was going to win we had it all the way. I got my new england shirt from www.sport-e.com, perfect got it deliverd saturday morning ordered it friday morning got rooney 9 on it lol he did play well today also. Frank lampard was brilliant also like he always is. Joe cole was the star man though always on the ball and decent goal he scored also.

    Other World Cup Qualifying Results Below:

    Armenia 2 - 1 Andorra

    Belgium 4 - 1 Bosnia-Herzegovina

    Bulgaria 0 - 3 Sweden

    Croatia 4 - 0 Iceland

    Czech Republic 4 - 3 Finland

    Estonia 1 - 2 Slovakia

    Denmark 3 - 0 Kazakhstan

    France 0 - 0 Switzerland

    Georgia 1 - 3 Greece

    Israel 1 - 1 Rep Of Ireland

    Italy 2 - 0 Scotland

    Liechtenstein 1 - 2 Russia

    Poland 8 - 0 Azerbaijan

    Romania 0 - 2 Holland

    Turkey 2 - 0 Albania

    Wales 0 - 2 Austria

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  8. Rooney on a shirt... Are you gay?? lol
  9. spiderb New Member

    *Cough* Wheres that *Roadkill* when ya need him hahaha *Cough*
  10. Dan New Member

    lol not really i just wanted rooney on lol
  11. spiderb New Member

    Id rather have t*at printed

    Have you been round tarn tonight dan
  12. Dan New Member

    twat lol rooney is brilliant..
    nah not been round tarn lol why have you?
  13. Orangefre@k In Moderation

    Im glad the welsh lost. Im just finishing my fourth year in uni in cardiff and so have just about had an earful now that the welsh have actually won something last weekend.
    Glad they lost to austria to bring them down a peg or too!
  14. Terry Active Member

    I was going to get Beckham 7 on mine but i thought nah lol
  15. spiderb New Member

    Nah mate, i couldnt find any old ladies to mug so i just went local for a few pints of wife beater
  16. lol Spiderbites back then I take it? What happened to ya?

    England were a bit more lively yesterday, usually fall asleep while watching England matches!

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